Nevermor, Forsaken Dreamscape, Kickstarter, Oh My!!

I’ve been SO busy these past few weeks. I’ve finally gotten back in my groove with the Forsaken Dreamscape rewrites, and I think I’ve finally gotten past a few rough patches that had me spinning my wheels, but now I think I’ve got everything going the way I want it – for now.  As far as the number of pages on my screen at this moment, I’m a little over halfway through it with the other half untouched.

And it needs some work, let me tell you.

I just noticed yesterday – as I’ve finally smoothed out several bumps in the story and also calmed my irritated grumblings over things I’ve been fighting with – I now see that Forsaken Dreamscape has swelled from its original 119K to 145K! That’s really something, and there is even more that I want to add (and of course some things to take out and rewrite altogether).

When it’s all said and done, I expect to be looking at a wordcount anywhere from 150K to 200 – but I sort of doubt it will be that high. I’m thinking around 170-180 for a good estimate, but it’s going to be great. It’s ALREADY great. You’re going to love it!

During the course of this, I find myself turning back to Nevermor to check things out, and yes, I’ve been reading it again.  As much as I keep reading this, I may not read another book this year!  Oddly, as many times as I have looked it over, there have been a few little parts I’ve even forgotten about.  It’s possible that I’ve just now reached the point where I can read it objectively.  But no worries.  It’s still good. :p

Through all this I’ve been trying my HARDEST to think of ways that I can convince people to get involved with my Kickstarter effort, but not much has happened yet. Still, I don’t intend to give up until it’s over, so expect to be nagged and begged and pleaded with until then.

(Please help!!)

Furthermore, my brain is already trying to wrap itself around the third book in a serious way, kind of wants to start working on it, and has even begun to think: “Is it possible that it doesn’t have to end? Could there be a FOURTH book??” And I’m not talking A Sea of Dreams and Nightmares, which is going to be a side story prequel. I’m talking about the Trilogy becoming a Saga!

While this is an exciting thing for me to think about (it’s like having another child, and I say that because I have no children) I just CAN’T let myself go there right now. There is a long stretch between now and then, and I have to tackle one thing at a time.

Which leads to the question: what does one do when there are so many things to take care of at once?


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