Project Nevermor 100th Post! – Seeking Inspiration in Art

This is my 100th post on his blog! I wanted to do something special for it, so I’ve been holding off to make sure this milestone post was a good one – but in the course of that, I found myself not posting anything at all!

So, after all this time, I’ve finally decided on something.

As you know, I’m finally back to work on Forsaken Dreamscape. I’ve added several thousand words to it and have some ideas for scenes I want to add.  I’m getting deeper into it now, and I know it can be so much better. I’m adding more action, darkness, storyline, and – you guessed it – a bit more romance as well.

But since it’s that time again, I need inspiration.

Off and on, I’ve spent some time looking for amazing fantasy images that reminded me of the world of Nevermor so that I could visualize and also get some new ideas.  I found some really nice ones and I thought I’d share them with you. 🙂

I linked back to where I found them when possible. If you want to follow the long trail to see where they originally came from, be my guest.

(None of this is official Nevermor art.)


Captains_cabinburning_woods_by_alexlinde-d4ug2ph557912_374045896044330_1800951094_n318726310847198677112190This tree reminds me of the fairy wisps in the treetops, even though these are lanterns. I really love the colors of the night sky.

This scene reminded me of what the Nevermor forest might have looked like – before, you know…

The green water in this cave scene sort of reminds me of poison or acid.

A pirate tavern. We haven’t seen one of these in Nevermor yet, buuut perhaps this is a clue of things to come.

Captain’s Cabin – This one is an image from a hidden object game. Looks perfect for the Desdemona.

A nice one of a burning forest. Pretty self-explanatory.

This lovely lady and wolf came from a Facebook post, but she reminded me of Calico.

This one reminded me of the Vork tunnels from Forsaken Dreamscape.

I love this one. Reminds me of how the island might have changed in Forsaken Dreamscape as one looks on from the sky.

Might seem a little more like Alice in Wonderland, but it has a good feel for a dark and strange landscape.


This image has been around; I’ve seen it before, but when I came across it again, it really reminded me of how I had imagined Whisper.

This one is just gorgeous. I imagine Wren and Rifter viewing the heavens, enjoying the fantastic beauty of the Nevermor night.

-Well, I hope I kept you amused with those images 🙂


My biggest news, currently, is the fact that my Project Nevermor Kickstarter campaign didn’t work out. I’m disappointed, but I’m not beaten down by it.  I’m going to keep pressing forward with the book and do whatever I can to bring it to a bigger audience. It’s still getting good reviews from those who do choose to pick it up, and I’m sure it could do much better if only more people knew about it!

Another thing I’m going to be planning for soon is opening a website, other than this one, where I will be able to sell my books directly from the source, annnnd hopefully include some other fun stuff.

Speaking of that, does anyone have any ideas or input for something they’d like to see? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Project Nevermor 100th Post! – Seeking Inspiration in Art

  1. Val

    I’ve played some of the game were the ‘captain’s cabin’ picture came from. That’s a fun game, but I cannot for the life of me, actually remember the name of the Hidden Object game.

      1. Val

        Thats the name!
        If you like Hidden Object games, that’s a good one to play. I only played the trail not the whole thing.

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