Exciting News! – (especially for my international fans!)

I’m soon to have my own official author website! This is very exciting for me, because while I have been able to post Nevermor news here (and I will continue to maintain this blog), my website will be a place to showcase all of my written works and keep up with my book news, but here’s the part that I love best:

I can sell my books straight from the source! (That’s me, by the way)

What does that mean for my readers? Well, it means two things I know you’ll really be happy about.

1: Lower Prices! – Since I’m selling the product directly, I don’t have to account for a middle man taking a cut, so I can actually sell lower and make more!

2: More of my fans will have access to the ebooks! – I’ll be able to sell my books in ebook formats with Gumroad, which means that anyone around the world can purchase copies of my books!

This is exciting for me, and I hope it will be able to bridge a gap I’ve been feeling in the connection I used to feel with my fans. The site isn’t ready yet, but I’m hoping to launch by next month (if I can get it all figured out by then).

I’m making movement on other fronts as well. I just got my book set up in a real ‘brick and mortar’ Bookstore in my area called Angie’s Book Attic. (Hopefully I can get a picture of that soon) Of course I hope it sells, but just to have it on the shelf there is exciting, and people will walk by it, at least.

I’m still going strong with Forsaken Dreamscape rewrites, and I’ll be talking about that a bit more as I get ready to start promoting it a few months early. If you haven’t read Nevermor yet, you should probably get to it! :p


3 thoughts on “Exciting News! – (especially for my international fans!)

  1. IndieRokker

    YaY! I already have Nevermor as an ebook but I’ve been wanting to get it in paperback!:D And congrats in having your book sold at a bookstore. Sounds very exciting.:)

  2. becareader432

    When Forsaken first comes out will it be free to readers like some of your other books? I really want to read it and spot the differences, make connections, and fall in love with it all over again. Alas, I have no job, which means no money steadily coming in. Of course I do have some money stashed away for emergencies (like new books). Still, it would be amazing if the first day it was free, had a price reduction or something of that nature… Either way can’t wait for it to be finished!(:

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      I’m not completely sure of my gameplan yet, but thanks for the suggestions. 🙂 I have offered a few of my others for free to try to reach a fuller audience, but Nevermor is the one I have decided to focus on for now, and it’s also the one I am very intent on selling, so it will not be up for free promotion like the others.

      I understand that some of my readers don’t have a lot of money, but I’m in the same boat. I have to be able to make money to afford to keep writing. That’s just how it is. :/


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