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Forsaken Dreamscape Playlist

Music is a big part of my writing life, though not always while I’m writing. I do quite a bit of brainstorming during the process and it really helps to have music to match what I’m working on. It’s always a different sort of music for a different project – sometimes the words that inspire me, often just the beat. I have a few generic playlists that I can listen to for some of my Gothic-oriented works, but many of my books have individual playlists all their own.

Forsaken Dreamscape is no different. In fact, you’ve probably already seen my playlist for Nevermor, though I think I broke it down and moved some of those songs to this one. Since I originally wrote it a long time ago, some songs are older, since they’re the same ones that inspired me back then.

You can find and follow me on Spotify to see my playlists, but if not, here are some of my songs.

Breathe Into Me – Red

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

It’s Not Over – Daughtry

Cold – Crossfade

Let Go – Red

Taking Over Me – Evanescence

The Mighty Fall – Fallout Boy

Codependence – Sixx: A.M.

Monster – Skillet

Whispers in the Dark – Skillet

So Cold – Breaking Benjamin

Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

The Phoenix – Fallout Boy

Somewhere – Within Temptation

Don’t Your Worry Child(Acoustic Version) – Swedish House Mafia

Immortal – Adema

Not Gonna Die – Skillet

Setting Sail, Coming Home – Darren Korb

Were there any songs that reminded you of Forsaken Dreamscape back when you read it in its first form? Or perhaps any that have reminded you of Nevermor since you read it? I’m always interested in checking out new music!


Dear Wendy – reworking a character

Forsaken Dreamscape rewrites have been going well, though slow and tedious at times, and now that I’m coming down to the final sections where I’ve had to rework so much, I’ll be turning to another important task: adjusting the main character and truly bringing her from the old Wendy to the new Wren.

It’s true that they are similar as I intended, but reading through it, even with the name changes, I can tell that there is still something wrong with her. So as I go back through it again, I’ll be examining her character and motives a bit more closely, and here are a few of the things that I feel the need to adjust:

She’s not crazy – During the course of editing Forsaken Dreamscape, not just this time but wayyyyy back since the beginning, Wendy/Wren has gone through many changes as far as her behavior and degree of sanity.  She’s always started out in an asylum, which was a big element that I wasn’t willing to change (somehow I always love dealing with mad people) and this is a detail that is important to fans, so it remains as it is.  In the beginning (2002 or something; it’s been a long time!) she went from having very childish behaviors, as if her time in the asylum had actually driven her insane and caused her to mentally stop aging because she didn’t want to grow up – and then I eventually took her to a point where she was faking her behaviors in order to keep herself in the asylum to wait for deliverance. This time, I’ve gone even further in that direction.

I’ve always been very interested in Victorian life – specifically asylums – and I’ve come to discover a few things that perhaps I didn’t know back then, the main of which is that a person (woman in many cases) did not necessarily have to be stark-raving mad to be admitted to an asylum.  In Wren’s case, it does make sense that she should belong there after what she is accused of (and blaming it on a fairy, no less) but Wren is fully aware of her circumstances. Perhaps she has been affected by her unfortunate life, but she is not crazy, and she is not a child.

She’s too weak sometimes; personality-wise – Because of events in Nevermor and the realizations she reached, her former helplessness and compliance seem to be out of place now. And what’s more, they are annoying. I think this has always annoyed me about her, but when she was Wendy, I felt I had more boundaries, needing to match her up to the way she was in the former Peter Pan stories. Now that she is my own character, I can watch her grow on her own.

It has been a theme in modern Peter Pan-related works to paint the female character (usually not Wendy, but sometimes) with a childish, but tougher female attitude. Like she has to be a tomboy to be able to hang with so many guys; she has to be willing to pick up a sword, etc. While I have never intended for my female lead to be a warrior, I was still unhappy with her because she never had the strength of mind that would make her more than a puppet in the whole scheme of things. I want to bring her out of that and improve her without turning her into Xena. (Please tell me you know Xena… Okay, without turning her into Katniss.)

She cries a lot! – And I mean A LOT! She’s always tearing up or feeling like crying or actually crying. In fact, the word ‘tear’ appears 33 times and the word ‘cry’ appears 34 times (though not always applying to Wren). Still, that’s too much crying! (There’s no crying in Nevermor!! Except on special occasions.)  I can appreciate the power of a good cry for a character, but not as much as she seems to bring out the waterworks. I’d rather her handle her misfortunes with a silent dignity. (But I haven’t hardened her or anything. She’s still a bit emotional, as well she should be.)

She relies too much on blind faith – While this will still come into play somewhat, I hated how she pushed so many problems from her mind based on the idea of ‘Rifter said so, so it must be true’. While that behavior might be based on a character like Wendy from the old Peter Pan stories, Wren has grown and can have a bit more personality she was lacking before.

Now she has more of a backstory that I can draw from – This is true for all of the characters, actually. Since I went back and worked with Nevermor, I know where Wren and the rest of them have been. I know about their recent past, the subtle quirks of their personalities, and how the plot arc has affected them, which does occasionally change the way they act in certain situations… That should be fun. It’ll add a little bit of surprise for those who have read it before.

So, again I turn to the questions. For those who have read Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape as a fanfiction, what did you like most about Wendy’s character, and what did you hate?

As far as my progress, I’m into a more advanced fine-tuning stage. It’s been a real battle and still is, correcting all the head-hopping, changing a lot of the details and just generally adding more to the story so that it can be better. Lately, I feel like all I’ve been doing is cutting stuff, so after cleaving a fair amount from the story, I have around 142K words right now. It’s slightly shorter than Nevermor, but there are still a few bits I’m thinking of adding, I just haven’t done it yet. I originally released Nevermor a bit too early, I think, without really giving it the editing love it deserved. Editing takes a loong time, especially with a looong document, but I’ve learned a few tricks. Still, I’m going to spend these last few months giving  Forsaken Dreamscape the editing polish it needs to be perfect the first time.

For those who are curious, it took me about 6 months AFTER I released Nevermor to really edit it like I wanted to. So, all published versions of it are excellent now.

I guess that’s about it for now! More news to come!

Forsaken Dreamscape – Official Description

To start us off on the road to Forsaken Dreamscape‘s publication, it seems only right that I talk a bit about the book, where the story is going at this point, and give a few hints, details, and descriptions.

If you want to be completely surprised, you don’t have to read this stuff.  Sometimes even the smallest details ruin things for some people, and you’ll enjoy it more if you’re surprised. However, for those who are already in the know about this book and are concerned about the changes from the old version, this is the place you want to be!  Take it as a warm-up exercise. Get used to the new names in this context and it’ll seem right to you when you read the entire thing.

And if you HAVEN’T READ NEVERMOR YET…. well, you should. :p


Description – Following the plot arc

“This is why you are here, I expect.  You would hope to save this forsaken dreamscape of ours.”

When Wren left Nevermor, she didn’t intend to stay away forever.  She’d wanted to make her home in the secret realm of freedom and dreams.  Rifter had promised not to forget her.

Four years have passed, and she has not seen him since that day.  He did not return for her as he promised, and life has not been kind to her otherwise.

Now 19, Wren is shut away in an asylum, accused of leading the young orphans of Miss Nora’s Home to their deaths – urging them off the roof with the promise that they could fly.  Nevermor seems far beyond her reach but she has never forgotten it, and in her absence, it has been forsaken.

Under a cloud of mysterious darkness, the land has died.  Even Rifter himself has been warped in a way that gives him a ghastly appearance – and he has aged, even against his promise never to do so.  Worst of all, the boys have all left him, each going his own way after horrible events took place. 

What happened in her absence?  Why has everything fallen apart?

At Rifter’s request, Wren sets out across the broken world to gather the wolf pack so that they might take back the land that is rightfully theirs.  They will no longer heed their leader for unknown reasons, but they will listen to her

Out of love and trust, Wren agrees, but she finds out quickly that things are not all as they seem, and everyone has a different story to tell.


Short Description:

Forsaken Dreamscape is the second book in Lani Lenore’s Nevermor trilogy, a dark fantasy based on the legend of Peter Pan.

Four years have passed since Wren left Nevermor – since Rifter promised that he wouldn’t forget her.  Now 19, Wren is shut away in an asylum, accused of madness and of murders she didn’t commit.  When Rifter finally comes for her, it is not a moment too soon, and in her absence, Nevermor has changed.  Under a cloud of mysterious darkness, the land has died.

At Rifter’s request, Wren sets out across the broken world to gather the wolf pack, now separated, so that they might take back the land that is rightfully theirs.  Out of love and trust, Wren agrees, but she finds out quickly that things are not all as they seem, and everyone has a different story to tell.


I’ll use both of these descriptions in different instances I’m sure, but they give a pretty clear idea of what the story is for this book. In it’s simplest form, Forsaken Dreamscape follows in the vein of the first book and is a dark fantasy (that’s fantasy with horror elements) action-adventure with heavy mystery elements and romantic themes as well – because what’s an epic tale without a little bit of everything?

Like the first book, it is written in third person, and while the readers may get to see into the heads of many different characters, the story is told mainly through what the main character, Wren, sees and discovers – which is also why this book takes place 4 years after the other, because Wren has not been back to Nevermor in that amount of time. (Hm, I wonder why…)

Because of the time lapse, things have changed.  If you’ve read Nevermor, you know where things left off. Kind of a cliffhanger, right?  Forsaken Dreamscape is going to show the effects of the events that took place in Nevermor, exploring the toll taken on the world and the people in it.

I’m aiming for a mid-February release date, but with recent updates to the Smashwords and Kindle services, it may come up for preorder before then (maybe before Christmas if I can swing it).

Any questions, comments, or cheering so far?  Come on, I know you can’t wait!

Project Nevermor 1 Year Anniversary!

It’s September, and that means it’s been a year since I started this blog and this project. (Has it really been that long??) This is a great milestone in the process of this series, and I thank all of you for sticking with me!

Since it is September, that means there are only 5 more months until the release of book 2 in the Nevermor trilogy: Forsaken Dreamscape! I know that seems like a long time, but it’ll be here in a flash, and hopefully I can provide enough information, previews, and hints to keep you satisfied until then.

So, this post pretty much kicks off the next five months! This year is flying by – for me anyway. The darkness is coming, and it’ll be here soon!

Most of you already know what Forsaken Dreamscape is about, and many of you have probably read the old version. Some of you haven’t, however, and this will be new to you in some respects. But either way, it’s going to be a great new experience for everyone!

I know it’s a bit early perhaps, but I’ve swapped the blog over to a Forsaken Dreamscape theme, even though I will continue to give news on the progress of the first book as well. Also, don’t forget about my official website, where you can purchase my books directly from me!

Additionally, some of you have probably noticed the little ‘Donate’ button on the side over there, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet. It’s basically for those who would like to donate to the book series, even though the Kickstarter campaign didn’t go through. It’s just a simple transaction directly through Paypal. If you just want to send a few dollars along to help me out, that would be much appreciated. I’m on the verge of bringing Nevermor into hardback and also entering it into several indie book contests, which will cost me.  I’m looking at several hundred dollars which has to come out of my own pocket!  Any help would be welcome and appreciated!!

Okay, enough about that. I’m going to start providing information about Forsaken Dreamscape (hopefully starting this week) but for now, I’d like to open the floor to any questions you might have about the new one: things that concern you and the like. Though, try not to ask about things that concern major spoilers. 🙂 I’m curious to know what you’re looking forward to and what your expectations are for this new version, and I’ll try to address what I can in a later post, or at least take them into account as I go along.

So, what have you been dying to know? is live and official!

After working on it for a bit, I’ve finally decided that it’s ready!  My official author site is ready to be viewed!  It’s nothing flashy, but it does the important things that it’s supposed to do: allows me to sell my books without dealing with a middle man who takes a chunk of my profits. Annnnd I can sell my books for a lower price!  Everybody wins!

Get writing news, buy my books at lower prices, and – one of my favorite things – get the books signed!

So, go check it out!:

Right now, I’m offering a special offer on my website that you can’t get anywhere else!  Buy a print copy of Nevermor from my site, get it cheaper, get it signed, get a Nevermor bookmark and a limited 5×7 postcard, all for cheaper than you can buy it from major booksellers! Don’t miss out!  There are not many packages available!

As for my fans outside the US, you should be able to get an EPUB file to read on your computer if you were unable to have access to my books in your country before.  The files are sold through Gumroad.  I think the currency should convert automatically, even though it is listed a USD. As for print copies, I haven’t quite figured out how to set up my site for more than one mode of shipping, so that’s still a work in progress, but maybe some of that will be resolved with the other thing I’m about to announce…

I’m currently setting up my book with IngramSpark, which *should* not only allow me to print and sell Nevermor in hardback format, but will also distribute the book to more countries and allow hard copies to be sold! It can be printed elsewhere and all those high shipping costs can be eliminated! It’s still a work in progress, but my self-publishing venture has come a long way in a year, and this progress will pave the way for more books in the future!

This is all big news, but there is more great stuff to come this month! I’ll be getting started with Forsaken Dreamscape news very soon!