www.lani-lenore.com is live and official!

After working on it for a bit, I’ve finally decided that it’s ready!  My official author site is ready to be viewed!  It’s nothing flashy, but it does the important things that it’s supposed to do: allows me to sell my books without dealing with a middle man who takes a chunk of my profits. Annnnd I can sell my books for a lower price!  Everybody wins!

Get writing news, buy my books at lower prices, and – one of my favorite things – get the books signed!

So, go check it out!: www.lani-lenore.com

Right now, I’m offering a special offer on my website that you can’t get anywhere else!  Buy a print copy of Nevermor from my site, get it cheaper, get it signed, get a Nevermor bookmark and a limited 5×7 postcard, all for cheaper than you can buy it from major booksellers! Don’t miss out!  There are not many packages available!

As for my fans outside the US, you should be able to get an EPUB file to read on your computer if you were unable to have access to my books in your country before.  The files are sold through Gumroad.  I think the currency should convert automatically, even though it is listed a USD. As for print copies, I haven’t quite figured out how to set up my site for more than one mode of shipping, so that’s still a work in progress, but maybe some of that will be resolved with the other thing I’m about to announce…

I’m currently setting up my book with IngramSpark, which *should* not only allow me to print and sell Nevermor in hardback format, but will also distribute the book to more countries and allow hard copies to be sold! It can be printed elsewhere and all those high shipping costs can be eliminated! It’s still a work in progress, but my self-publishing venture has come a long way in a year, and this progress will pave the way for more books in the future!

This is all big news, but there is more great stuff to come this month! I’ll be getting started with Forsaken Dreamscape news very soon!


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