Forsaken Dreamscape Playlist

Music is a big part of my writing life, though not always while I’m writing. I do quite a bit of brainstorming during the process and it really helps to have music to match what I’m working on. It’s always a different sort of music for a different project – sometimes the words that inspire me, often just the beat. I have a few generic playlists that I can listen to for some of my Gothic-oriented works, but many of my books have individual playlists all their own.

Forsaken Dreamscape is no different. In fact, you’ve probably already seen my playlist for Nevermor, though I think I broke it down and moved some of those songs to this one. Since I originally wrote it a long time ago, some songs are older, since they’re the same ones that inspired me back then.

You can find and follow me on Spotify to see my playlists, but if not, here are some of my songs.

Breathe Into Me – Red

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

It’s Not Over – Daughtry

Cold – Crossfade

Let Go – Red

Taking Over Me – Evanescence

The Mighty Fall – Fallout Boy

Codependence – Sixx: A.M.

Monster – Skillet

Whispers in the Dark – Skillet

So Cold – Breaking Benjamin

Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

The Phoenix – Fallout Boy

Somewhere – Within Temptation

Don’t Your Worry Child(Acoustic Version) – Swedish House Mafia

Immortal – Adema

Not Gonna Die – Skillet

Setting Sail, Coming Home – Darren Korb

Were there any songs that reminded you of Forsaken Dreamscape back when you read it in its first form? Or perhaps any that have reminded you of Nevermor since you read it? I’m always interested in checking out new music!


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