Forsaken Dreamscape Testimonial #1

Though I’m still working on book 2 in the Nevermor trilogy, Forsaken Dreamscape, I had decided early on that I needed to try out the new version on a few people before I went too far with it. Yes, I’ve had my concerns, and I’ve been working harder than I really expected to, simultaneously biting my nails in worry over whether or not fans would really accept the changes.  So, once I got it together (mostly) in its new form, I chose a few people that I thought might offer me good insight on the book and the way I handled the new version.

One of these friends is a fellow Wattpad writer, a big fan of the first version and someone I felt had really supported me in my decision to change the story. Her name is Janie (or otherwise known as Janie1617)  but while she was trying to be open-minded to my choice, she was certainly doubtful. Janie is a HUGE Peter Pan fan, and the story has had a big impact on her life. While she wanted to support my choice of changing it, she was still a bit worried whether or not she would still love it as much as she had before. I think this is an opinion that many of you can relate to.

After Janie read it, here is what she had to say:

Waiting for this book has been painful. I stumbled across Lani’s fanfic- Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape nearly two years ago on Wattpad. While there are some talented writers on Wattpad, I had yet to come across a piece of work that completely captivated me – and one that was written so well.


I am a huge fan of the tale of Peter Pan, so instantly, I was drawn into this twisted world that Lani changed Neverland into. I had not once dreamt of Peter aging – or Wendy waiting, desperately, for Peter to return – while she suffered an unthinkable tragedy. But Lani pulled me in and made me a devoted fan of her many works.


When it was announced that Lani was taking the rocky road to publishing – I prayed the date would come soon.


Through Lani’s blog, I was able to follow her difficult road to get this piece ready for publishing. When it became clear that the Neverland element – along with Peter, Wendy and the other immortal, innocent souls that J.M. Barrie had created – would not be carrying over to the published work, I was upset. I was hurt and sad. What would this tale be without Peter & Wendy?


I had doubt. I didn’t want the story that I had fallen in love with to change. But I also had faith in Lani.


I could see that she had a plan – a dream. Her talent was without question – great. So, I did not turn my back on her. I heard her out, and followed her on her journey.

From the moment that I started reading the first chapter of Nevermor(vol 1) – the youthful faces of Peter and Wendy – faded from my mind – and dreams of Rifter and the tragic life of Wren and her orphaned brothers, Maxwell and Henry, came to life…  Her wolf-pack of charismatic boys: Nix, Sly, Finn, Mach, Mech and Toss, stole my heart. And embarrassingly, I must admit: I became just as enamored with the ageless boy, Rifter, as I am with my own dream boys…

Nevermor is beautifully-dark and exciting. An adventure that absorbed me well past the turn of its final page. Lani introduced a blond boy with fierce-blue eyes to my dreams. He is Rifter – the guardian of Nevermor – the boy that fights darkness with a smirk on his lips…


When I was finished – I was in awe. I simply could not believe that she had banished the timeless faces of Wendy & Peter… There was only Nevermor…


With Nevermor being the prequel to Forsaken Dreamscape – I knew after reading it that more than just the details of Peter, Wendy and Neverland would change. While I was now a fan of Nevermor and Rifter – I still wondered how the story that had such an enormous impact on me would pull through. Would I overlook the new world that Lani created? I still kept faith and was too absorbed with Nevermor now – that I had to find out what would change and would I still love the story that overtook all others.


Lani has become more than a favorite author of mine – she is my mentor and friend. When she told me that I would be able to get an early preview of Forsaken Dreamscape – I thought I read her message wrong. I honestly read it several times and had the biggest smile on my face. It was an true fangirl moment for me.


I read it in less than 2 days. If I had not been previously exhausted – I would have finished it sooner. She did it…

The question:  What would this tale be without Peter & Wendy? was put to an end…and while it didn’t even matter anymore…the answer was indeed – Fantastic.


Nevermor is what Forsaken Dreamscape was meant to be born from.


The characters that entertained us in Neverland: FD were mimics to a story that was already created – which made them instantly loved – but also left them lacking from the greatness that Lani had to offer.


I am happy and relieved to say: that Nevermor’s Forsaken Dreamscape was worth the risk of letting go of the loved classic and reaching for the top of the jagged cliffs of High Mountain where the Sco… Oops :X


Without giving any spoilers away – I will simply say that Lani was able to let her dreams and nightmares crawl across the page and come to life. There are changes – but they are towards genius. The characters are new – but they now have hearts and souls, and mainly, you love them and race behind them in their adventure.


Every bit of action has been amplified with more adrenalin. Every nightmarish creature is more fearsome – and every kiss is filled with more bliss and passion.


Do not have a closed mind. Books and stories are meant for us to open our minds and dream. This Forsaken Dreamscape should not be forgotten or abandoned. I had faith, and I trusted Lani’s vision – and now – they are forever a part of my dreams.

I really appreciate Janie writing out this blurb for me, and I was glad to head her praise as well. She did give me some insight on a few things I’m planning to give more thought to before I release the final version, but I was happy to hear that she was still pleased with it, even though she was skeptical before! And I hope that hearing what she had to say will put some of your own fears to rest.

Janie is the creator of her very own trilogy on Wattpad called Gods and Monsters, and she’s very diligent in posting and interactive with her fans. Check her out on Wattpad if you’re so inclined. 🙂 Janie1617’s Wattpad profile


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