The World of Forsaken Dreamscape

Since I’ve already posted the official book description, I feel that it’s not too far off base for me to post this. Personally, I like my readers to be completely surprised, but I know people like information about projects. So! I wrote this out.

If you don’t want anything to be spoiled, then don’t read, but I don’t feel like I’ve spoiled anything major. The book is meant to portray the mystery. 🙂

The World of Forsaken Dreamscape310847

Years have passed, the seasons fade

A sacred world bleeds; dark decay…

I like to use foreshadowing and leads, and so you may have noticed that the end of Nevermor left things a bit incomplete.  I introduced a new element at the end: a strange, shadowy darkness coming toward the island over the sea of dreams.  What exactly is this ominous shadow? No one seemed to know at the time.  Maybe they still don’t, but that darkness didn’t go away, and now, four years later, it lingers in Nevermor.

Though Nevermor was never a particularly safe place to those who are weak and inexperienced, it is even more dangerous now.  It is certainly not what Wren is expecting when she is able to return 4 years later.

The island has been given to chaos. The sea is black, washing up bones and ship wreckage from the depths onto the gravel-like sand.  But it is not the beach alone. The different realms have been tainted by an unusual darkness, much like when the Scourge steps across the land, only on a world-wide scale. But does the Scourge have something to do with it? Many believe so, but others are unsure, believing that a different sort of evil has come upon them.

There are no more dreams in Nevermor. Only nightmares.

The whereabouts of the Rifter are unknown. Once the guardian of the realm, he has not been seen in years, and many think he is dead. Likewise, however, the Scourge has also failed to reemerge. The wolf pack has been disbanded, and those boys who were once linked to Rifter through the Vow are on their own. They have gone their own way and are living their own lives.  Time has taken over them, and they have begun to age. Only they know the truth about what happened, but their memories are fading by the day.  The world seems to be aware of the disruption, leading the other inhabitants of the world to lose hope that Nevermor will ever be what it was.

There is a prophecy in 4 verses that have been etched onto several large rocks on a cliff-face, and the people of Nevermor know those words. Many have given the words their own interpretations, but one thing seems clear: there is a demon in their midst, and soon events will lead to a war unlike the world has ever seen.

After waiting for years, Wren is able to return to Nevermor in order to face what it has become, to bring the pack together again and discover the source of the darkness so that it might be reversed.


*Image above is not officially associated with the Nevermor trilogy*


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