Nevermor – more retailers, more worldwide options

***Scroll down for a list of sites where you can purchase the books in the Nevermor trilogy***

A few days ago, I decided to run a Google search for Nevermor just to see what came up. I know it seems like something I might have done before now, but I haven’t. I’m always afraid of what might pop up if I do. Anywho, I was looking for any blog reviews that I might not know about, but what I found instead was a surprise. Nevermor is actually being sold through more online retailers than I thought, and in more countries than I thought!

It might seem a bit odd for me not to know this stuff, but once I publish it through CreateSpace (which is what has happened, because most of the instances I found were for the print book) I don’t exactly get informed of where it will be available or who the partners are. Some of these might not be major retailers, but these are some of the listings I found. I might be able to look into it to find more, but for now, this is what I have.

This page will be updated as I find more, and I may link it back to the home page.

***Listings for online purchase of Nevermor books***

My Preference: I’ve had a few people ask me ‘where would you rather me buy the books from?‘ or in other words, in which case do I (Lani, me) get the most profit without the middle man taking it?

For the ebooks, I still get decent royalties no matter where you buy them from, but if I had to choose, I would say buy them from either Amazon, Smashwords, or Gumroad. Why? Because I am in direct control of these sites. Though I know readers have to purchase them based on whatever device they have/where they have an account, these sites allow me to keep the largest amount of money without another party taking it. I reach other sites (like Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, etc) through Smashwords. So while that is quick and easy, those other retailers also take a cut when you buy from them, and by the time it gets back to me, it’s a smaller amount.

Smashwords and Gumroad allow a host of different file types, and since I am in control and get a bigger percentage, sometimes I can charge less and still make more! (For example, if you know to LOOK for me on Gumroad, the prices there are actually much cheaper, and in some cases you can even choose what to pay!) Still, there is something to be said for buying them from larger retailers. I’m willing to take a cut to get some good reviews and encourage more people to find me.

Also, international sales cut me out as well, but that can’t be helped. But I’m pretty sure Smashwords and Gumroad don’t care where you’re from (who you are or what you did). It works the same way. 🙂 (But the prices are listed in USD)

For the print books: I don’t know if this works for sales outside the US, but if you want most of the money to come to ME, you’ll have to buy from the CreateSpace store.  The thing about that is, I actually have to give you the link. You can’t just go on there and find it. You have to know it’s there first. So….I’m telling you. Here are the links.


Forsaken Dreamscape

Roses and Black Glass

The People in the Rickety House

I get the biggest cut from the print book if you buy it through CreateSpace, however, buying from larger sites helps to improve my sales ranks there, which makes me more likely to be seen by new readers… all of it is very sticky. Would I rather have the money or the exposure. Hm… Well, it’s not really up to me.

Alternatively, if you just have to have the print book, I would tell you to PLEASE buy it from Amazon if possible.

Let me give it to you straight. I’ve always been willing to be honest about it: I make more off the ebook than the print version – but oddly, I get more excited about a sale when it’s in print. To think that someone was willing to pay the higher price to have the printed version on their shelf makes me happy. 🙂 Even though it costs a lot more, I actually get paid less for the print version. So, if you buy Nevermor (for example)through the CreateSpace store, you’ll pay 14.99, and I’ll get half of that price, all just for me! If you buy it from Amazon, you’ll pay 14.99 (Or I think it’s discounted at 13.49) and I get a modest 3.58. Not terrible. If you buy it through Barnes and Noble (which counts as extended distribution), you’ll pay 14.99. Guess how much I get…0.58. … *crickets* I’m dead serious. It hurts me. Some new readers might stumble upon the book and want to buy, but for those of you in the know, please don’t buy from anywhere other than Amazon or CreateSpace!

So those are my preferences, but to each his own.

Amazon listings in all countries should be carrying this book. I have only been throwing the links around for the US order page, but you should be able to find it on any Amazon page, however it is only available in English! If you wish to find it, try seeking ‘Lani Lenore’ instead of Nevermor. That tends to work better.














Other places:


Book World –


South Africa


Book Adda –

New Zealand

The Nile –

***Helpful Hint – If you run your own search through your favorite retailer to see if they carry Nevermor, it helps to add my name to it. You’ll get a lot of weird results, and the search always wants to change ‘Nevermor’ to ‘Nevermore’. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Just search ‘Lani Lenore’ or ‘Nevermor Lani Lenore‘ to find it.***


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