Forsaken Dreamscape Cover Art Revealed!

I’ve been promising this for a while, and it’s finally here!

A very important moment in the life of any book is when the cover is assigned, giving that first impression of what might be inside, setting the tone, presenting the genre and catching the eye.

I’ve been very particular about my cover art, and at least feel that I have a decent eye for it. So, when I once again got together with Omri Koresh, the artist I hired to do all three covers, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. I was pretty specific, and of course he added his own touches, and voila! The Forsaken Dreamscape cover was born!

I’m very pleased with it and think it gives the perfect impression of Book 2 in the Nevermor Trilogy! So what do you think of it?


This cover depicts Wren, of course. You can post it around if you’d like, share it on your blog – whatever. 🙂

Now that I have shared the cover image, I’m going to work on setting up the first few chapters for a Wattpad preview, which should appear within the next few weeks. The new version is going to take the place of the old version of Forsaken Dreamscape, and if you are following that story you should get notifications. I’m going to post a chapter every couple of weeks until I decide to stop (Probably around 5 chaps), and then after that there should be a couple of months left before the release of the book, but it will hopefully be available for preorder after that. (More about that when it happens), but I want it up for preorder before Christmas if I can.

In related news, I’m also pleased to announce that Nevermor book 1 has gotten a makeover, not on the front but on it’s back cover and spine. It now shows the volume number on the spine, the back cover layout is better looking, the description is shorter, and there is also a preview of the other book covers laid out across the back. I think it looks much better, and I have Omri Koresh to thank for that as well! Forsaken Dreamscape will have this same layout with the volume number on the spine.


I also added a sneak peek at Forsaken Dreamscape in this printed version – an excerpt that I have not yet revealed! (Adding a few more pages also made the spine line up better.)

So! All that said and done, I hope you like it, and Happy Halloween!!


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