A New Year…

So, it’s 2014 now. I’m not so sure I was ready. I think for the first time ever as the clock was ticking down last night, I sort of wanted to stop it. For some reason I wasn’t ready for a new year to begin and I don’t know why. Maybe because I thought I was just getting a handle on last year, or because it went by so fast, or even because I have some regret (??) which I don’t know how to recognize.

So now it is 2014 and while I’m not sure how I feel about that, I can’t exactly be disappointed with what I accomplished last year. I was brave with my writing and learned a lot of new things – had some good publishing and editing experiences. Now I’m trying to focus on what I want to accomplish this year, make some resolutions and get myself on track to my dreams.

One thing I know that I did well last year was that I really did move forward with my books. I brought several of my books to the published world, and while I can’t say I made a significant amount of money, it helped me feel better about my situation as far as how much time I spend writing vs other things I could be doing (like getting a ‘real’ job). So in that way I was satisfied. I haven’t given up on my dreams yet!  This kept me busy all year, and at least kept me out of the throes of depression over how I hadn’t been acknowledged. I gathered courage and I moved forward with my life. I’m proud of myself for that.

Okay so speaking of my books, of course you know that Forsaken Dreamscape is going to be released in February. I’m still working on it just a bit but I’m 90% done with my last edit, and after that I can set it up for preorder. (Again, I’ll talk about the preorder benefits once it’s actually available, but I’ll give you a hint and say that there are several benefits for you and for me, including a lower price.)

In the meantime, I’m gradually posting chapters of the new version on Wattpad as a preview. I think there are 4 chapters posted right now, so if you haven’t, go check that out. HERE

I know that this year has many new things in store for me and also a lot more work on my books, but I’m still feeling pretty good about it and I’m ready to do it again! I hope you’ll all be there with me as I continue on with the Nevermor trilogy and advance with my other works as well.

Thanks for a great 2013 full of support and love!


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