Forsaken Dreamscape Preorder Details

If you’ll look to your right, you may notice that I’ve added a countdown to the release of Forsaken Dreamscape, and every time I look at it, I feel the pressure! 30 days, 29 days… ack! It’s coming up soon! But while this is a stressful time for me it is also glorious. Another of my books is going to emerge!

I was finally able to get the manuscript finished and formatted in enough time that I finally submitted it to be reviewed and set up for preorder like I wanted.

So, since I’ve done this (and I’ll link you there shortly) I’ll talk briefly about how this works and why it’s good.


A preorder book is set up like any other you might order online. You just find the page on major ebook retailer sites, such as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iBooks – then you just order it like usual. Your card won’t be charged until the release date, but on that day, you will automatically get the book sent to your device! (Magic!!)

Benefits of Preorder

Okay, there are two major benefits of preorder orders. One is for you, and one is mostly for me, but I hope it’s something that you all want FOR me!

1. Lower Price – Yes, the preorder price is going to be lower than usual – but only for preorders and first day sales. Then the price will go back to what is intended. So, the starting price will be 3.99, so you’ll save at least $2 if you preorder, or order on the first day.

Unfortunately, there is no way to offer preorders through Kindle for indie writers, so it will not be listed there until the day of release. Still, you will be able to get this lower price on the first day if you purchase through Amazon.

Also, while some ebooks often have days when they are FREE (on Kindle), this one will not. I have to be registered in a certain program for that to happen, and since I want wider distribution, I’m not in that program, so I don’t have any days when I can offer the book for free. So, that being said, to get it for preorder will be your best deal.

2. All my sales will hit at once and it will move my book forward in the best seller charts. Basically when you preorder a book, you won’t actually pay until the day of release when the money will be collected, and then all the sales come out at once and the book gets a sudden jolt to move it forward in the bestseller charts. For Nevermor, I tried to focus all my sales on Amazon in the beginning, but this time I’m scattering it out because I know some readers want it through different formats.  This may not be the best thing for me to do, but that’s what I’ve decided this time. 🙂

3. (bonus) Since the preorder listings are set up early, the book will be available through all sales channels on the day of release instead of having to wait for delays! Sometimes there are weeks of delay in being able to get the book through certain retailers, but listing it for preorder has given the book a head start.

Here are the links for the different sites where Forsaken Dreamscape is currently listed for preorder:

Barnes and Noble

Kobo – (don’t know if they offer preorder, but it should be available here on Feb 11th)


iBooks – (Just search ‘Lani Lenore’ and you’ll be able to find it)

Sony – (May not offer preorder, but should appear on Feb 11th.)

Kindle – (no preorder, but it will be available here Feb. 11th)

And don’t forget to add it to your ‘Want To Read’ list on Goodreads! It’s listed there now!

Print Book Details

Unfortunately, the release of the print book is going to run just a hair behind schedule unless I can get a preorder page going (2 totally different processes). If not, the book will be available to purchase in print through the CreateSpace store on the first day, but there will be a delay for the book to be listed in print format on other sites, even Amazon itself.

As for the price, I can’t offer it any cheaper than it already is due to the manufacturing costs and the way the middle men take a chunk out of it; however, it should be available with the special deal that if you purchase the print book, you can also get the Kindle ebook version for .99.

So I wanted to give you a preview of what the print version looks like in all its glory. It really does look great next to the first one! I’m proud of it.



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