The Next Step – 2014

I haven’t written a post in a while, so here goes!

On the first day of sales, Forsaken Dreamscape finished in the top 60 in the ‘Dark Fantasy’ category on Kindle, in both book and ebook formats. Also was counted in the top 60 in the ‘Fairytale and Mythology’ category. So, that was a good first day. 🙂

I’m trying to think up ways to get more exposure, so having people share info about the book, review it, and talk about it, is still very important!! There is a sea of books out there, indie and otherwise, and even if a book is good, that doesn’t mean it will get noticed. SO! I need all the help I can get from all of you!!

So, what is next for Nevermor, you ask. The second book has been released, but there is still more to do! There is a third book to work on, and perhaps some Nevermor-related side projects as well! I think I’ve already mentioned that I’ve started working on book 3, and I’ll be able to talk more about that as time goes on.

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of turning Nevermor into an audiobook. I know not everyone has time to read, and audiobooks are a good way to go. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I’ve been looking into the idea.

In general writing news, I’ve opened up a couple of my older projects in order to edit them and bring them to light. I’m not entirely sure how many of my books will be released this year. It just depends on how much time I have to get things ready. I’m a one-woman operation, and real life is creeping in more and more all the time. I may be lucky if I get to write book 3. :p But, you can all wish me luck anyway.

That’s pretty much all I have for now. I’m always open to questions if anyone wants to comment and ask me anything. Or if there’s anything you’d like me to mention in the blog, I’d be happy to entertain it!


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