Dark, Darker, Darkest – Nevermor’s descent into Book 3

If you’ve read through Nevermor 1 and 2 – and if you know anything about my style – you know I don’t let things stay light and happy for long. Most of my characters go through hell before emerging, either victorious or at least somewhat resolved. If there is a happy ending, don’t expect to get it easily, or without biting your nails to the very last page.

Nevermor, my friends, is no different.

In the beginning, I said this series was dark fantasy. Book 1 was not particularly dark as far as my standards go, but I tried to bring it down to that place so that it could meet up with book 2. It was a bit of a challenge actually. As most of you know, I wrote Forsaken Dreamscape first, and my intention in going backward was to recreate the story of Peter Pan in such a way that it could lead into Forsaken Dreamscape without fully abolishing all that was magical and carefree about the original story, while giving it enough of a dark touch that book 2 wasn’t a shock. There is certainly a tone of darkness to Peter Pan anyway, and I tried to draw from that while creating my own.

In book 2, of course we see the descent further into darkness – with the world and the characters alike – but if you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, think again.

The characters are a bit older now, so it seems only right that their intentions might have grown and changed as well. I still sort of call this a YA series, but I never intended it to be for children. I wanted to keep the younger feel in the first book but still give it a vicious nature, but the story has moved away from that now, on to different things. I’ve always thought of it as ‘young adult for adults’ which is an odd way of putting it, but that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to keep themes that appeal to me in young adult books – younger characters, first love, coming of age, a life without the responsibilities of adulthood – and then bring it to an adult level with deeper situations and a higher reading level.

Never growing up is a central theme of Peter Pan, but the characters in Nevermor have grown older, and it was always my intention to reevaluate that theme and use it myself.

Not long ago, I was perusing some of my older stories (from back when I consider myself to be in my writing prime) and I started wondering whether or not I’d gotten too soft. Does Nevermor, as a unit, live up to standards I’ve set for myself in the past? Does it portray what I do best, which is to twist things around and build an amazing horror/dark fantasy story that astounds? I wasn’t sure, but I made myself a promise. With book 3, I would try to get back to my roots.

So I can pretty much guarantee you that it’s going to be the darkest volume yet.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to trip over my own purpose. It won’t be like a horror movie where every scene is meant to shock and appall. I just want it to be as full and meaningful as what I’ve done before. I want it to strike the core and pack the same punch. You know, with lots and lots of terrible things.

That’s the road I’m currently on.

I’ve given you clues within the first 2 books (whether or not you might have realized it) and if you’re crafty, I think you can gather a fair idea of what might happen in book 3. Stumped? Nah, it’s okay. Book 2 might have seemed like an enormous leap from Book 1, but I’ve never lost sight of the story arc which stretches across all the books. I’ve always had a plan.

I’m not going to give you specifics right now, but if you want a hint, I’ll tell you this: In book 3, expect to revisit book 1’s theme with book 2’s consequences.

Just to update my progress, I finally have 50k written toward book 3, but the sections come to me in spurts. It’s possible I’m having slight writer’s block, but I’m going to try a new tactic soon and hopefully make more progress. In the meantime, I’ll have a few other books to release soon, so that will keep me busy and at least connected to my own writing, past and present.

I do this once in a while, but I want to thank everyone who is following the blog, who has read the Nevermor series and helped to support me by sharing my posts and reviewing my books. It’s very important to an indie author to have news pass by word of mouth (or writing).  So, if you haven’t (!!!), please help me out by doing so.

I’ll share more with you soon! I hope to start posting more frequently as I get my other books together and continue to work on Book 3.


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