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Project Nevermor Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Neverland

**Not long ago, I started getting the urge to read more, and that urge grew into a desire to explore other works based on Peter Pan (which I said I wouldn’t do until I was done with my own trilogy.) However! since I pretty much know where that’s going, I decided to give in to my desire to read other variations of Peter Pan or anything with a connection, such as what my own series is. So I finally broke down and ordered several different Peter Pan-related books that I’m going to read and give my impressions of on the blog.  I’m limiting my reading to only published works, books and graphic novels (indie works, yes – stories on Wattpad and such, no). My reviews probably will contain *some* spoilers, but I tried to limit that as I could. So, this sort of post might show up periodically, because I have quite a few volumes waiting in line.**

Okay, let’s get started!

In choosing which Peter Pan-related work I would read and review first, I chose a very simple method. I decided to start with the first one that arrived at my door: the graphic novel, Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Neverland.

Relationship to the Peter Pan story:

This seems to be more of a retelling, as if the Peter and Wendy never happened. The story is set in modern times and does link back to the original Peter Pan story, but is told as if it is happening for the first time, with characters of different circumstances.

First Impression:

I knew this volume existed before I even considered reading it. I know that Zenescope releases a lot of these, and I had seen some of the artwork, as many of you may have as well – which mostly consists of a lot of overly sexy ladies in very little clothing. Be that as it may, I can handle a certain amount of that sort of thing, so I decided, despite the possible racy or erotic nature of this volume, I couldn’t exclude it from my list. Okay so I had prepared myself to see, every few pages, an image of some exaggerated female with her ass in my face. *ahem* I figured I’d snicker and move on, and then I’d review based on how laughable it was.

Guess what… Despite the images that are used in conjunction to advertise this comic series and serve as cover art…there was no nudity and no sex involved in the story at all! There are a few cover images from the comic shown in the book, and those have the half-naked women on them, but as far as this only being a T&A fest, it’s just not so.


This story sort of teeters between the modern day real world and Neverland – sort of in the vein of Fables and Once Upon A Time. The main characters are Nathan Cross (also called Hook) and Wendy. Nathan is a down-on-his-luck man with a prosthetic hand, who suffers from psychological issues and regularly sees a therapist. Wendy is a grown woman with two nephews living with her, named John and Michael. Circumstances lead them to cross paths, and their adventures in a nightmarish Neverland ensue.

Peter Pan is a grown man (once a boy, who found Neverland and decided to stay). He took control of it, and Neverland has gradually become his world of nightmares. *ahem* He maintains his immortality by feeding on the souls of children that he snatches from the real world, but he doesn’t do it in order to stay youthful, only to stay alive (and for meanness).

Cross has a recurring dream where he’s on an island running for his life, a monstrous reptile chasing him. He can’t seem to shake it throughout his adult life. Turns out Nathan was the only one to survive Neverland – ever – but not without losing his hand to the crocodile beast that was chasing him. And that isn’t all he lost. His brother, Timmy, was not so lucky, and those things haunt him. Wendy, on the other hand, is only there by circumstance when her nephews are abducted by Pan, and he afterward fixates on her (for some reason) and decides he wants to seize her later and make her his queen (lame).

So, the basis of the plot has Cross facing his past as he helps Wendy try to rescue her nephews.
Other characters are featured, such as Tinker Bell and Tiger Lily, but honestly, they don’t do a lot. The crocodile also serves as a horrific foe. There are natives, mermaids, and some zombie-type Lost Boys. There are some guys on a ship…not sure if they were supposed to be pirates…


Since this is a graphic novel, I’m also going to give my impression of the artwork, which is equally important to me. The artwork was alright, full color and certainly nice as far as that goes. I’m kinda picky and pretty much expect everything to be amazing… which is certainly not always the case in graphic novels, but if the art is prettier, I can accept a weaker storyline. This one didn’t quite do it for me. It’s not something I want to open up and look at, even without reading, just to see how pretty it is.


Three stars… maybe.

The story was actually pretty poor, I felt. I was interested in the concept, but it let me down. The motives of some of the characters were often absent or fell flat, and it simply could have been more exciting. The plot was extremely simple (though I think there is another spin-off or continuation of this series, which I will probably not delve into because this one didn’t impress me enough.) It didn’t blow my mind, but it was certainly along horror lines, and I appreciated the effort.

Bonus review: Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost

Not Peter Pan related, but I’d been ogling this volume for a while, and finally decided to go for it. This is a graphic novel, dark fantasy retelling of Aladdin with a hint of Sinbad, influenced by 1001 Nights.

First Impression:

I can’t quite remember how I first came across this, but I’m sure it was based on something else I had looked at on Amazon and then came up as a recommendation. Once I saw the cover, I was drawn to it immediately, even though I know that sometimes the cover art for graphic novels is so much better than what is actually inside. But anyway, I started looking at it. It was sort of furtive in the beginning. I’d look at it in passing and think, ehhh maybe next time. I started looking into it a little deeper, reading reviews and seeing praise for it, so finally I decided to go for it. Basically, if you tell me it’s dark, you’re going to get my attention, so that’s what happened here. Also it’s fairytale related, so yay.

I’d never really considered doing a retelling of Aladdin myself, but just seeing this got my brain working and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. In the end, I couldn’t say no, and I’m glad that I didn’t.


Like you might expect, Aladdin is a young thief who attracts the interest of a man needing to get his hands on a lamp. Qassim’s interest in Aladdin does not stop there, however. There is something else about the youth that is important. His blood, to be more specific, but the story is told in a way that the secrets unfold slowly, leaving you to wonder exactly what is in store around the corner. Anyway, of course Aladdin fetches the lamp and manages to avoid death while keeping the lamp to himself, accidentally rubs it, summons a djinn and uses wishes to make himself a prince. He uses his power to do what he wants, also caters to the poor, and later attempts to impress the princess.

Okay so here’s where things take a turn, an almost Prince of Persia turn, or perhaps that all came from the Aladdin story to begin with… Aladdin is exposed by Qassim, who the youth didn’t know was associated with the sultan (isn’t that how it always goes). He is said to be a thief, and after a flurry of events, finds himself on the run after the king winds up dead.

Aladdin then meets up with Sinbad, who had previously been observing him, and they set off together to save the world and whatnot. Or at least rescue the princess. The story becomes somewhat of it’s own after that (or perhaps not, since I don’t exactly know the story of Sinbad), but I also couldn’t help thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean. There is a Krakken-type monster and also the idea of jilted lovers with great powers. Instead of one Djinn, there are 2, and they are married, but circumstances find them opposed.  But things are woven well and there are many forces at work, making for a richer storyline than what Neverland offered me, which was pretty straightforward.


The art is absolutely gorgeous!! Full color and really beautiful. The coloring job is excellent, each image looking like a painting all to itself. The pictures are worth looking at, even without following the storyline. The artists did get a bit lazy at times, and that’s always disappointing, but for the most part, very well done and consistent throughout.


Gorgeous to look at, this story is a bit dark, bloody and excellent. There is originality here, though not all the ideas are entirely fresh, the story wove through nicely, the dialogue was mostly good, and once again the art was freaking awesome. I was very impressed.

There were a few things that didn’t quite impress me though, one of which was the pacing. But I know that it’s different with graphic novels. Also since the beginning was basically as you’d expect Aladdin to be, it wasn’t all that exciting, because of course events are going to lead us to the lamp and while there seemed to be a lot of effort to get there, I mean, we knew it would happen. There wasn’t much originality added to that part.

The attempt at a love connection also annoyed me.There was no reason at all for Aladdin to pursue the princess other than the fact that she was the princess and very beautiful, which is fine and makes sense in a way. Why do men go after women anyway? But there was never much growing of that, other than the fact that she’s the best girl around. On the other side of things, it makes more sense to me to see the princess’s return interest in him. She had merit as a character, but their connection seemed weak.

Anyway, I recommend this one! It was a gem.

As for a Nevermor update, I’ve had a lot more creative energy lately and am slowly cutting my way through Book 3 with around, oh, 70k by now. And steadily growing! I had to start working on the chapters individually and later I’ll go back and make sure they fit together like I want. First drafts, you know – equivalent to rough sketches. Needs a lot more work, but just getting the framework down is a big step.

The Forsaken Dreamscape: Deluxe Peter Pan Edition is pretty much ready to go when the time comes, and is up for preorder on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes store.

Oddly, I just checked, and the Deluxe Edition is actually up for preorder on KOBO, even though the other version of Forsaken Dreamscape was never posted there.. Hm. Perhaps it is time I contacted them about it. Anywho, Kobo users, rejoice! It’s finally your turn!

For now, I think that’s all. Hope you enjoyed the reviews! I’ll be working on more.


Forsaken Dreamscape Deluxe Peter Pan Edition Order Details











So, in this post I’m going to show off the print book as well as give some details about the book release. As you can see: awesome! Even though my camera is terrible, the book still manages to look excellent.  Here it is in all its glory at 583 pages, Forsaken Dreamscape: Deluxe Peter Pan Edition!

DSC01208As you can see, the spine is thicker so the fairy is a little bigger on this volume, also raised up a bit, but I think it works. She’s also lit up a bit more with a circle of light. 🙂 It looks nice between the other two books (even considering that the book on the other side of it will be book 3.)


The release date for this Deluxe Edition will be TUESDAY, JUNE 17th! I was going to wait until July or August, but I changed my mind. It’s pretty much ready, after all; I’ve already announced it, so why wait? It’s currently listed on Goodreads, so add it to your reading list, and it’ll be up for ebook preorder soon. The print version will be available (hopefully) on the day of release as well, but not for preorder.

There’s a catch: while the ebook will be available through the usual channels, the print version will only be available through CreateSpace and Amazon. The reason for that is because I can only set one price for the book, which translates across all channels. Once it goes through extended distribution, that price will be stretched so thin that I’ll actually lose money. So in order to keep the price somewhat reasonable, this is what has to be. I’m sorry if this inconveniences anyone. It’ll be available on Amazon Europe as well.

The preorder price of the ebook will be $7.99. The print edition will be $18.99 (12.99 GPB and 15.49 EUR). (Amazon usually discounts by a dollar or so.) I know that’s pretty steep for a paperback, but if you have seen any of my other books, you know how nice they are. The book is 6×9, glossy cover, a sturdy book with nice pages and heft. It’s not some flimsy book that you’re going to tear up. It’s pretty solid. The spine also matches the other books, so if you choose this one instead of the regular version, it should still go along and look nice in the middle. It’ll also look perfectly fine beside the other edition of Forsaken Dreamscape if you have it already.







To repeat myself if anyone missed it before, this Deluxe Edition includes Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape as well as the Nevermor version. This bonus version is essentially the same story as Nevermor #2, but it is a little different. It’s the story as I wrote it before changing it to Nevermor, with the original characters from Peter Pan. This version has been loved by fans and I realized we all hated to see it go, so I included it in this Deluxe volume.

Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape Version Info

After reading through it and doing a bit of editing, I’ve decided that the version included is going to be, essentially, the somewhat edited Wattpad version. That means it’s a bit cleaner than what some of you might have read in the past before I moved my stories to Wattpad. There is still plenty of cursing and the text is mostly the same, but I had cleaned it up a bit for Wattpad (which basically means no graphic sex scenes or talk thereof). I decided to do this in keeping with the sort of YA theme I was going for, and I didn’t want something vastly different to go into the hands of someone who didn’t want it.


The ebook is currently listed for preorder on Smashwords, through iBooks, and Nook.

Other mediums and the print version will be available to order on June 17th (again, except Kobo. Sorry.) *CORRECTION!!* This version is actually available for preorder NOW through KOBO. This one is available, even though the base version never showed up. Weird.



Nevermor: Read It Again, Learn Something New

We live in a world where everything is speedy. People want it NOW. We want instant gratification, don’t want to take our time, and if something doesn’t catch our attention right away and hold on for dear life, then it slips from our minds to be replaced by the next shiner thing.

I believe the same is true for books. There are A LOT of books out there. New ones come out every day, and there are a plethora of unexplored volumes. Take Goodreads, for example. On the Goodreads site, you can make a list of books you’d like to read/plan to read, and perhaps unless reading is your favorite hobby, it’s easy to let that list get away from you. And just trying to tackle one when you have all these other books lined up behind it… I think it leads to the same result: me (or you) wanting to rush through one book to get to the next one – especially if the one I start with tends to drag a bit.  I can’t say I’m not guilty. I certainly do it too.

That annoys me about myself, and also about books these days. I think so many are written to accommodate for this – to propel us through at a quick pace, push us out the other side, so we can move on to the next… But does any of it really stay with us? Do these books that entertain us for the moment and leave us feeling the exact way we started really even leave residue in our minds?

I think a good book is worth reading. I mean it’s worth slowing down for.  It’s worth indulging in, taking one’s time to examine and live through – over and over again if need be. I’ve read books that I couldn’t WAIT to be done with. I’ve abandoned books in the middle because they annoyed me, and some didn’t make it very far at all. And then there are a precious few that have urged me to savor every word – that I truly could not put down – even a couple that I started reading again immediately after finishing because I simply knew there was more to it than what I saw the first time.

My mission statement, as a writer, is to create something worth reading. The books I write are not always meant to be read quickly. They are designed to immerse and lead, to be brilliant within themselves and as a group (if a series). I design them so that they can be read more than once, and dare I say: be even better the second time.

I’ve seen a few comments about Nevermor, where people have believed that there is a lot of ‘filler’ content (in #1 especially). Maybe so, or maybe everything has its place – its purpose. How many times have you read a book that you wished had more than just the bare facts? Or maybe the plot was good, but you wish there was more detail?  Because it’s not enough to simply say that the world is round. Personally, I like to spend a bit of extra time with the details (but there is a right way and a wrong way to do that, to be clear. Don’t give me 3 paragraphs describing the exact shade of a character’s eyes, for example.).

In Nevermor, as with all my books, I try to offer something more. I use subtleties which may not even make sense at the time, but everything I do is for a reason. You may have to get through the entire series to see those things, (and true, some things are done simply for the sake of timing), but every sentence is helping to paint a larger picture. Because I want the second reading experience to be as good as the first – better. I want to create works that can be read again and again, and the reader can see something new each time – tie things together within each book and within the series as a whole. I want readers to have a moment, weeks later, when a light bulb goes off and they think ‘Oh my God, I just made a connection with that thing that happened in book 1, and that’s why (blank) happened in book 3!’ (that’s not a hint, by the way…only an example).  But anyway, you get my point.

So, if you have the time, read it again. You’ll probably notice something new. 🙂

Cover Reveal: Forsaken Dreamscape Deluxe Peter Pan Edition

It’s time for the cover reveal! This is one of my favorite things. The fans and potential readers get to make their guesses about what the book is going to give them before they get to read it. …in this case, however, many already know what this book is going to give them. So this time, I guess, you get to judge whether the cover image actually suits the story or not.

In dealing with the artist that has done all of my Nevermor covers – the amazingly talented Omri Koresh – I pretty much knew what I wanted. For the others, I described what I wanted them to look like, and he created the idea with his own spin. This time, I described the character, sent him a portion of the text and just said ‘make me something’. And I have to say, he blew me away! He got back to me a few days later and said he was inspired by a line in the text:

Inside amber-colored irises, his pupils were long and narrow, like a cat, or a snake; [she] wasn’t sure which.

Omri said that he kept imagining the eye and the snake imagery, thinking of Rifter/Peter as a predator hiding in the leaves like a snake. I really love it! Not only is it beautiful, I think it sets the mood for the book very well – a dark fantasy Peter Pan, of course. What do you think?


Moving on, she was able to see a form in the distance, set off against the light of the moon. Someone was standing there, dressed all in black, and she was certain that it was a boy. She reached out for him – called his name. “Rifter?” He didn’t move – didn’t seem to hear her at all. She continued on, moving closer, picking up her pace. “Rifter, please look at me!” The dark figure shifted, finally hearing her plea. When he turned to peer over his shoulder, she saw only his eye, and it was enough to send her flailing backward, stricken with fear. The wicked amber eye saw her as well. It pierced her – saw into the depth of her soul.  (excerpt from Forsaken Dreamscape, Nevermor version)






















I’m going to work on the details, likewise I hope to get the book listed on Goodreads soon. I have a proof copy on the way, and I’ll show you some pictures of the inside and out once I get it. I’ll also update with release details, which I’m not fully sure of yet, but I’m getting it together. It could be sooner than I estimated.

Anyway! I hope you like the new cover and the new blog theme! I’ll have more book news for you soon!

Nevermor Is Not A Place For Children

The other day, I was looking at my listing for Nevermor on Amazon (the print version), and I noticed that, at the bottom of the page, it stated that the age range was 1-17, and that the reading level was grade 1 and up. … I don’t know who decided to put that information there, but it wasn’t me.  Just because I didn’t mark it as having ‘adult content’ does not mean that it’s appropriate for all ages, CreateSpace! Also in the side column, I noticed that it was showing a link for ‘Best Children’s Books’. …am I being linked to children’s books?? Now, maybe it was just a coincidence, but let me officially say it again:

The Nevermor trilogy is NOT for children.

It’s based on Peter Pan, yes. Peter Pan is a children’s book and also a Disney film, yes. It has bred many retellings and continuations, most for children (but not all). That said, this is also not Peter Pan. See, changing the characters did another thing for me: it helped me to take the preconceived notions out of the characters and give readers a new first impression without the Disney baggage.

So, do not buy it for your young kids – unless of course that’s cool with you. I even wrote in the description that it’s for ages 16+ so that no one would be confused. That info is also on the back of the print book. (One of the strangest comments I ever got from a fan – not about Nevermor – was a message telling me how awesome I was, and then went on to say ‘even my 3-year-old loves you!’ …I’m just like ‘what? No… #you’redoingitwrong’) Anyway, Nevermor is dark, it is gritty, and it deals with mature themes. Whether or not the themes are always R-rated, they do require a deeper understanding, and I believe older readers will appreciate these things more. The plot is complicated, somewhat mature, and progressively gets more mature as it goes along, so note that as well.

At the same time, I think that certain people might find it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for, and not just in a fairytale retelling. Simply, in a book.

I often find myself with the misconception that I like YA books, when in reality, I’m not sure I do. Maybe some, but it’s wading through the sea of awful to find the good ones. Just because something sounds interesting doesn’t mean that it is, and I’m incredibly picky. Not only must it have an interesting plot, the characters must be interesting, the love enticing (no insta-love, though I don’t have to have romance at all, to be honest), the storyline creative, and on top of all that, the writing has to be immersive and poetic. …and if I feel like I can see the end coming, that’s a deal-breaker. I WILL stop reading. The writing in YA is often simple, the plots easy to figure out, and very often the characters are shallow and I wind up not having feelings for them at all.

That’s what I strive to work against. I want to make something better – or at least the sort of written treasure I long to discover myself.

So back to talking about Nevermor: Some people like to know exactly what they’re getting into when they read a book – or watch a movie, or play a game… Even I check some things out before I dive in. I think that the ‘dark fantasy’ tag scares people, but I didn’t want to lie about what sort of story it is. The last thing I want is for someone to get mixed up in a story they don’t want to be mixed up in, but I also think that if some readers would only give it a try, Nevermor may not be as bad as they think.

So what exactly is so mature about the Nevermor trilogy, and what can you expect? On some movie sites, I’ve noticed parental overviews which tell parents exactly what is in the film scene-by-scene so that they can judge it themselves. I even read those sometimes. So while I’m not going to tell you the exact instances of what you’re going to find in the series, I will give you an overview, which I don’t believe I ever did.

Nevermor’s warnings (considering you haven’t already read it)

There is plenty of cursing – maybe not a lot by the standards of what comes out of people’s mouths every minute or two when they get going, but including strong words, at least. I’m not the sort of author that dodges. If my characters are saying something bad, you’re certainly going to hear it too. You won’t catch me writing things like “he muttered something that sounded like ‘witch’ but wasn’t.” (Clare). I’m straightforward with the language and I like it that way. “But, Lani, can’t it be just as good without all the swearing?” NO! And you can’t tell me that pirates and teenage boys don’t swear A LOT.

I like to write about violence, fighting – mostly stylized or meaningful in some way. This comes from my personal love of action and horror, so there’s a lot of blood splashing around. (Don’t slip in it.) It annoys me when writers go to great pains to make sure that no one gets hurt at all. I will also do really terrible things to immortal characters, because they can’t die from it, of course. There is terror and there are hideous monsters, and people who do bad things. You know, fun stuff.

My characters are not always good people. Even the so called ‘good guys’ don’t always stick to the straight and narrow. I call it being human. Circumstances arise and choices must be made – sometimes selfish, sometimes sacrificial. Also, the ‘bad guys’ are usually incredibly bad…though sometimes it is hard to tell which is which at all. Characters are like people with different motives, and love is not always the most important thing.

I often deal with sexual themes – sometimes subtle, sometimes major. Not always involving love. I don’t always describe very graphic, erotica-type sexual encounters, but when I do… Nah, just kidding. Sometimes I do, but I don’t really plan to do that in this series. As far as dealing with underage characters, I suppose I push it a bit. But again, I won’t pretend those things aren’t issues or that feelings like that don’t exist between teenagers, even though they are young.

I don’t mind making people a bit uncomfortable for the sake of a point, but there are a few things I’m not willing to do, so…don’t think too badly of it, just because I say it’s a ‘dark’ story. What I really mean is that it’s fantasy/horror. At the end of the day, I’m not that outrageous. I have scruples.

Aside from all that, there are also many good things that can be enjoyed in Nevermor if you’re mature (also considering that you already enjoy those things I just mentioned). There are good messages, the plot is interesting, the writing is – well, not terribly simple like some. I don’t feel like talking big, I just felt like writing about this. I always get complements about my characters, and I usually do write character-driven stories.

Basically, Nevermor is Young Adult with adults in mind. ….and this was more of a rant than anything, I guess. :p

Forsaken Dreamscape Special Edition Announcement

Exciting news! But to start, I guess I should say: I’m sorry. Some fans begged me not to change Forsaken Dreamscape from being an honest Peter Pan fiction, and I did it anyway. I took something that was loved for what it already was, and I changed it. Over a year ago when I started Project Nevermor, I wanted to make sure this story was something that I was proud to put my name on before I released it to the world…but at the same time, I failed to realize that I already had given it. I chose it in the beginning because it was very popular, but I wanted to be proud of it too. Now, looking back, I see that was wrong of me, in a way; to alter something I’d already given to people. Even on a small, indie writer, free fiction scale, perhaps that was disrespectful.

Still, I don’t regret what I’ve done with it, and I hope readers understand. I feel better about the story personally, and I like where it’s been and where it’s going. But the way I feel about it is not the only thing that’s important. Some didn’t think it was broken, and I insisted on fixing it anyway. So I do feel sorry for that.

This is my way of apologizing.

I will be releasing a Deluxe Edition of Forsaken Dreamscape, which will include the Nevermor version as well as the original Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape. To clarify, the book is not as I first wrote it in ’01, but it’s one of the later edited versions from years later before I changed it to Nevermor.  All the characters have names from Peter Pan – pretty much except for Mach and Mech, which I had named on my own anyway. You’ll get to see characters I edited out, like Anasia Angeldust, and see the return of classic characters like Mr. Smee.

I decided to do this several months ago for a few different reasons. When I started this project, I had wanted to do away with the old version completely and never have it be seen again, but the more I thought about it (and the more readers asked me about it) I realized that I couldn’t get rid of it completely. Though I never felt that the story was anything special, I reached many people with it. There are still those out there, I’m sure, who read this story years ago and have perhaps forgotten about me, but if they saw it again, they would remember it. By changing it, I took away memorable parts of the story. I was also worried that someone might have a copy of it stashed somewhere, and because I changed some of the parts, might decide to steal the writing from me since it was no longer in use. This is my way of stamping the old version so that it still has my name on it. To resolve all those issues, this is what I decided to do. I didn’t want to release the Neverland version to stand on its own, SO I decided to do it this way.

With this deluxe volume, readers can enjoy both, and compare them as they will. If something is different in Nevermor than what they remember, they can look it up in the old version. For the ebook, I plan to have it set up where it’s easy to navigate from one version to the next by connecting to a title screen that will give you one version or the other. I’ve been working on all this for a bit now.

More awesome news: it’s also getting new cover art!

I wanted it to be special, so I didn’t want to just slap the same cover on it. I thought about it, but decided against it. How would people tell them apart?? So once again, I’ve commissioned the very talented Omri Koresh to design a cover for me, and I’m always blown away by the results. (Of course, I get excited every time I see a cover for one of my works or the likeness of one of my characters). I’ll be showing that to you soon, so keep your eyes open.

I’ll set a date for release soon, but I’ve narrowed it to July or August this year. It should be up for preorder on some sites before that, but I’ll let you know. In search, it’ll be titled Forsaken Dreamscape: Deluxe Peter Pan Edition. It will be in e-book and print forms. As you might expect, it will be a little more expensive. The print book will be thicker, even though I tried to make the font a little smaller to get all the text in with fewer pages. The thicker the book, the more it will cost to produce. I’m putting it in print because I suspect that some might like their own printed copy of the old story, but I also want one of my own. 🙂

Also, the blog should be getting a makeover soon with the new theme, so look forward to that as well!

KOBO READERS!! – I am so sorry, but I don’t know what Kobo’s problem is. The other version of FD is still not up on their site, and I honestly don’t expect this one to show up for a while either. I’m really sorry about that, but they’re backlogged horribly and there’s nothing I can do about it. Eh. You can probably get a version that’s compatible with your device at Smashwords.

What else! Hm, I guess that’s enough for today.