Cover Reveal: Forsaken Dreamscape Deluxe Peter Pan Edition

It’s time for the cover reveal! This is one of my favorite things. The fans and potential readers get to make their guesses about what the book is going to give them before they get to read it. …in this case, however, many already know what this book is going to give them. So this time, I guess, you get to judge whether the cover image actually suits the story or not.

In dealing with the artist that has done all of my Nevermor covers – the amazingly talented Omri Koresh – I pretty much knew what I wanted. For the others, I described what I wanted them to look like, and he created the idea with his own spin. This time, I described the character, sent him a portion of the text and just said ‘make me something’. And I have to say, he blew me away! He got back to me a few days later and said he was inspired by a line in the text:

Inside amber-colored irises, his pupils were long and narrow, like a cat, or a snake; [she] wasn’t sure which.

Omri said that he kept imagining the eye and the snake imagery, thinking of Rifter/Peter as a predator hiding in the leaves like a snake. I really love it! Not only is it beautiful, I think it sets the mood for the book very well – a dark fantasy Peter Pan, of course. What do you think?


Moving on, she was able to see a form in the distance, set off against the light of the moon. Someone was standing there, dressed all in black, and she was certain that it was a boy. She reached out for him – called his name. “Rifter?” He didn’t move – didn’t seem to hear her at all. She continued on, moving closer, picking up her pace. “Rifter, please look at me!” The dark figure shifted, finally hearing her plea. When he turned to peer over his shoulder, she saw only his eye, and it was enough to send her flailing backward, stricken with fear. The wicked amber eye saw her as well. It pierced her – saw into the depth of her soul.  (excerpt from Forsaken Dreamscape, Nevermor version)






















I’m going to work on the details, likewise I hope to get the book listed on Goodreads soon. I have a proof copy on the way, and I’ll show you some pictures of the inside and out once I get it. I’ll also update with release details, which I’m not fully sure of yet, but I’m getting it together. It could be sooner than I estimated.

Anyway! I hope you like the new cover and the new blog theme! I’ll have more book news for you soon!


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