Forsaken Dreamscape Deluxe Peter Pan Edition Order Details











So, in this post I’m going to show off the print book as well as give some details about the book release. As you can see: awesome! Even though my camera is terrible, the book still manages to look excellent.  Here it is in all its glory at 583 pages, Forsaken Dreamscape: Deluxe Peter Pan Edition!

DSC01208As you can see, the spine is thicker so the fairy is a little bigger on this volume, also raised up a bit, but I think it works. She’s also lit up a bit more with a circle of light. 🙂 It looks nice between the other two books (even considering that the book on the other side of it will be book 3.)


The release date for this Deluxe Edition will be TUESDAY, JUNE 17th! I was going to wait until July or August, but I changed my mind. It’s pretty much ready, after all; I’ve already announced it, so why wait? It’s currently listed on Goodreads, so add it to your reading list, and it’ll be up for ebook preorder soon. The print version will be available (hopefully) on the day of release as well, but not for preorder.

There’s a catch: while the ebook will be available through the usual channels, the print version will only be available through CreateSpace and Amazon. The reason for that is because I can only set one price for the book, which translates across all channels. Once it goes through extended distribution, that price will be stretched so thin that I’ll actually lose money. So in order to keep the price somewhat reasonable, this is what has to be. I’m sorry if this inconveniences anyone. It’ll be available on Amazon Europe as well.

The preorder price of the ebook will be $7.99. The print edition will be $18.99 (12.99 GPB and 15.49 EUR). (Amazon usually discounts by a dollar or so.) I know that’s pretty steep for a paperback, but if you have seen any of my other books, you know how nice they are. The book is 6×9, glossy cover, a sturdy book with nice pages and heft. It’s not some flimsy book that you’re going to tear up. It’s pretty solid. The spine also matches the other books, so if you choose this one instead of the regular version, it should still go along and look nice in the middle. It’ll also look perfectly fine beside the other edition of Forsaken Dreamscape if you have it already.







To repeat myself if anyone missed it before, this Deluxe Edition includes Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape as well as the Nevermor version. This bonus version is essentially the same story as Nevermor #2, but it is a little different. It’s the story as I wrote it before changing it to Nevermor, with the original characters from Peter Pan. This version has been loved by fans and I realized we all hated to see it go, so I included it in this Deluxe volume.

Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape Version Info

After reading through it and doing a bit of editing, I’ve decided that the version included is going to be, essentially, the somewhat edited Wattpad version. That means it’s a bit cleaner than what some of you might have read in the past before I moved my stories to Wattpad. There is still plenty of cursing and the text is mostly the same, but I had cleaned it up a bit for Wattpad (which basically means no graphic sex scenes or talk thereof). I decided to do this in keeping with the sort of YA theme I was going for, and I didn’t want something vastly different to go into the hands of someone who didn’t want it.


The ebook is currently listed for preorder on Smashwords, through iBooks, and Nook.

Other mediums and the print version will be available to order on June 17th (again, except Kobo. Sorry.) *CORRECTION!!* This version is actually available for preorder NOW through KOBO. This one is available, even though the base version never showed up. Weird.




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