The Nutcracker Bleeds Hardback Edition – Details

As I’ve announced, The Nutcracker Bleeds will be released on December 3rd as an ebook and in print. In this post, I’m giving more info about ordering the hardback version of the book, as promised.

I’ve considered several options for printing, and while CreateSpace remains to be the best I’ve come across for paperbacks, I finally decided on Lulu for my hardback print-on-demand needs.  (For those of you who are curious about the pros and cons of printing with Lulu, I’ve included some info at the bottom of this post.)

I’ll break the bad news to you first: this edition of the book is currently only available to US buyers. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it has to be right now. I don’t have the time to sell them myself, so I can’t order copies and ship them out – yet. For now, I decided it was in my best interest to let Lulu handle it for me, and they’ll only allow US buyers. Another thing: I decided not to do extended distribution, so Lulu is the only place you can get this edition.


I don’t have a copy of the book to show off yet (but I will as soon as I do), but what I can say for now is that I’ve had a few hardback books printed from Lulu before, and they do a nice job. The printing of the cover art is good and the paper is nice, so I knew I was turning to a service I trust.

The book has 393 pages, 11 pt. Garmond printed on cream paper, with a page layout that I’m rather proud of.The book will have a black linen casing and gold foil lettering down the spine, covered with a full color, matte dust jacket.


I know that the question you all have is: How much does it cost? I’ll answer that as best I can.

The list price of the book is $24.99, however, from the release of the book until December 25th, you can use a special code to get 25% off all print books at Lulu, my book included. So, instead of paying $24.99, you can get the book for $18.74!  But you can only use the code if you are a registered user of Lulu. Creating an account is easy, and you can get the discount!. Piece of cake.

That code is: KTP4

Here’s another something special for those who are reading this blog page. Not only can you get this great deal, I’m going to give you a head-start. You can order your copy of The Nutcracker Bleeds TODAY! I have it posted as a private listing, but you can go right ahead and order it by clicking HERE. This is not a pre-ordering, you are actually getting to order it 2 days early. 🙂

The nutcracker bleeds cover


The Nutcracker Bleeds by Lani Lenore, available December 3rd on Amazon, Smashwords, and in ebook and print formats.







Pros and Cons of Lulu:

I promised a bit of info about dealing with Lulu, so here it is: When I started looking around for methods to print and distribute a book in hardback format, there were a few options that crossed me. The option at the forefront was originally to let Amazon (CreateSpace) do the work. They would take the same file I’d created for CreateSpace, and for a one time setup fee of $100, they would turn my book into a hardback, which I could then buy copies of to sell. They would not list or distribute the copies themselves. After a while of thinking about it, I decided that was not as good as it seemed. I also considered Lightning Source, but once again, I felt that the setup and cost was not worth the effort. Finally, I decided to go with Lulu because of simplicity of setup, and because of the print on demand service.

I did not choose Lulu because it was the cheapest option per unit, but I did choose it because in the long run, it was still the cheapest option for me. Having someone else to sell and ship the book for me saves a lot of trouble, and the royalty is still decent if buyer’s purchase from Lulu. There is also an option to sell on Amazon, but that production cost is so high that the royalty is stretched thin, and there is hardly any profit left.

As far as the printing, there are a couple of things that annoy me about Lulu. One of those things is that sometimes the spine doesn’t line up perfectly, but that is more noticeable on their paperback books. Another thing is that the printing and shipping service takes quite a bit longer than CreateSpace. The first copy from CreateSpace usually gets to me within days, whereas Lulu tends not to rush, and winds up taking a week or more.

Those are a few of my insights. So, those of you seeking to self-publish might keep these things in mind.


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