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Nevermor #3 (Shadow Sun) Release Delay

Hello all! It’s been a great 2014. This year saw the release of my books Forsaken Dreamscape, Jack and Jill, and The Nutcracker Bleeds. Thanks to all of you who have followed my blog – or at least cared enough to check out my posts. If you haven’t officially followed the blog, please do so, so that you never miss any news about my published works. I usually announce them here with links. For those of you who only follow the blog, please follow me on Facebook for more frequent information.

Now, on to the proper subject of this post:

In starting Nevermor, I had meant for the books to each come out a year apart and in February, since that was when I was able to get the first one ready for publishing. I did the same with Forsaken Dreamscape in early 2014, but unfortunately, it looks like having the third book in the trilogy, Shadow Sun, finished in time for a February release is going to be nothing short of a miracle. And I say that in a very strong way, because I honestly can’t see it happening.

I’ve been working on Shadow Sun since late 2013, even before I had Forsaken Dreamscape finished, because I wanted to get started so I’d know where I was going with it. I’ve been working on it off and on since then, but still, it is not finished. Currently, Shadow Sun has 65,000 words, which is around half of what I suspect it will be. I’ve been interrupted by other projects along the way as I’ve tried to get some of my other works edited and released, and Shadow Sun has suffered. In the same way, life events have come up, and I now have much less time to dedicate to writing, but I hope to get myself back on track soon. I need to get this done! As soon as I start going with it again, I’ll probably be doing the cover reveal, showing off some excerpts and book info, So, I’m sorry to everyone for the wait, but hopefully I’ll be able to get things done within a few months of my original intended release date.

Thanks to all of you for understanding! If you’re anxious for something to read, you can check out my ongoing, free-to-read story, Dark Depths, on Wattpad, or check out one of my other published works on Amazon or other online books sellers.