Shadow Sun Cover Reveal!

I never have too much to say when I do these cover reveals. The image is the star of the show. So, here it is! The full cover image and official description for Shadow Sun!

Nevermor3(smaller)As it began, so shall it end.

Time has passed since the Rifter went into the sun, and while Wren has missed him terribly, she does not doubt that he will come back. She has tried to shadow her grief as she travels across Nevermor with what is left of the Wolf Pack, attempting to heal the land and restore it to its former state. But that task is made more difficult by plummeting temperatures, and the fact that the sun seems to be slipping farther away.

When a different sort of darkness comes over the land, Wren discovers that not only may she be looking to preserve the world for Rifter’s return, but she may have to save it from him as well.

-Shadow Sun is the epic finale to the Nevermor trilogy, a dark fantasy based on Peter Pan.-

This cover was also done by artist Omri Koresh, who created the other artwork for the Nevermor series. He always uses such beautiful colors, and makes the images stand out so well. When I told him my idea for how I wanted the image to look, he was a bit hesitant to do it like I wanted, but I’m glad he finally gave in. I had this image made long before I had written the book, and even before I knew what the bulk of the book would contain, but the image still feels true to capture the essence of Shadow Sun. Some of the elements on this cover certainly give hints to the story, and also gives a glimpse of what Rifter might have looked like in book 2.

This concludes the spread of book covers for the Nevermor trilogy, and I love the way they all go together. They make a lovely set, don’t you think?

all cover images

In case you missed the announcement before, Shadow Sun will be released on November 3, but the ebook will be up for preorder before that. And soon! The preorder will be at a special lower price, so do consider planning ahead for that.

One more thing: the book is listed on Goodreads, so be sure to add it to your reading list.

I think that covers everything for now. (See what I did there?) I’ll be back with more news soon!


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