Dark Depths Release and 2017 Plans

I know this is old news to most of you, but Dark Depths is available now in ebook and print formats on Amazon.com! Well, the news is not quite two weeks old, so maybe it’s not so old after all. :p

With that news comes more: After being unable to publish anything since September 2016, I now know what the rest of 2017 is going to look like for me. I’m pleased to say that I’m going to be busy — in a good way.

Not long ago, I was grumbling to anyone who would listen about how I haven’t been able to focus on writing and publishing since I’ve been working my current day job. Yes, I’m not a full-time writer, as I know many of us aren’t. That aside, I’m pleased to say at this point that I’m able to cut back my hours a bit and have more time for what I love most. I know that this is certainly not a reality for everyone, and I was beginning to think that it could not be one for me, but an opportunity arose and I took it. Maybe now I can get my thoughts in order.

Now enough about that. Let’s talk about the rest of the year!

Releasing Dark Depths in June brings more good news in July: the release of the Dark Depths follow-up novella Daughters of the Deep. This short book is meant to fill in a few blanks in the Dark Depths storyline and paint a more accurate picture of what Treasure’s life was like before she rescued Nathan at the beginning of Dark Depths. Daughters will be released July 18, and is available for preorder right now. While it is only up for ebook preorder, the book will also be in print, even despite its short length.

Following that, I’m going forward with 2 more projects before the end of the year. That’s right — 2 more!

August (or possibly September) is going to see a revamp of Jack and Jill. The book is getting a new cover, and it is coming to print for the first time ever! Published in 2014, Jack and Jill is currently available on Amazon, and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Beyond that, I have one more book project that I definitely want to release later this year. This one is a fan favorite and one that many people have been waiting for. If you guessed my second gothic horror, The Hallowed, you’re right! I’m already working on it, editing and trying to make decisions on portions I want to rewrite. I have not decided on a release date yet, but I’m thinking about November for this one.

So, to recap:

Daughters of the Deep — July 18

Jack and Jill — new cover and print version — August/September

The Hallowed — November/December

I’m very excited about these projects (as I always am) but perhaps more pleased with myself for making these plans. (Since I’m not good at that sometimes.) There are several other things I have in mind, and am also anxious to work on. Previously I had mentioned the likelihood of a Dark Depths audiobook, and I meant that, but for now I have no projection of when that will be available. I have a few other books that I still want to publish, and then I really need to focus on writing new material!

Things seem to be moving in the right direction now. How’s your writing year going?


2 thoughts on “Dark Depths Release and 2017 Plans

  1. nitapan14

    This is so exciting! A Dark Depths audiobook would be smashing, and I’m looking forward to Jack and Jill. The Hallowed seems intriguing. 🙂 My writing year has been a bit less exciting than yours. I’ve started and finished several short stories, entered a couple writing contests, and am a little over 1/4 of the way through the second book in a series. After the sequel is completed I’m going to begin looking into self-publishing.


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