Weekly Post (Attempt), The Hallowed, and Exploring New Genres

I’m trying something a bit different.

I haven’t been too current with this blog as time has passed (the blog just had its 5-year anniversary) but I want to do better. When I look back at old posts, I realize that there are long stretches of time where it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, but the truth is I’m thinking about something/working on something all the time; I just don’t say anything until I’m ready to make a big announcement.

So! It’s high time I held myself to a standard. I’m going to (attempt to) write a post every week just to let you know what I’ve been up to — even if there isn’t much to say. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just ramble on about something I’ve been thinking about, or something I’ve been doing, reading, discovering, whatever.

I don’t talk much about my personal life, mostly because I’m probably the most boring person in the world. Other than the fact that I write, there is very little that’s interesting about me. I’m okay with that, but I’m going to attempt to be a bit more open with who I am, what I’m doing, and what I’m thinking.

Okay! Time to get started!

First off, I need to talk about The Hallowed, my next novel to be released. It’s an original gothic horror. I still haven’t chosen a release date, but I know it will be sometime in November. Whether it will be early or late in the month, I haven’t decided, because I have a couple more things I want to do this year. 1.) Release The Hallowed, and I need to get that finished up and out of my head as soon as possible, because 2.) I’m going to write (start writing) a new book in November for NaNoWriMo and I need to start (finish) planning. 3.) I want to read through The Nutcracker Bleeds again and maybe do a second edition release before Christmas. SO many things, and only 3 months left.

Plus, I kind of need to have my wisdom teeth removed, so we’ll see where THAT takes me.

The Hallowed is almost finished. I already have a cover designed and a print proof in my hands! I’m reading through it again (and may read it AGAIN) and then I believe it’ll be ready. It will likely be up for preorder soon and I can start showing it off. I like how it looks!

If you don’t know anything about The Hallowed, I’ll definitely begin to talk more about it soon. I think there is still a sample of it on Wattpad… It’s not the latest version, but I’ll update it soon.

Hallowed ad

In other news, I’ve been exploring some new genres as far as my own reading and the possibilities of my writing. I’ve been specifically interested in Weird, Bizarro, and I hear there is one called New Weird, which is supposed to have similar content but be more poetic in the writing department. I’m not much for Satire, but I do like weirdness. I love to read/write a book where anything can happen, and as far as my own books go, those are always my favorites. I’ve also become more interested in Sci-fi lately, so maybe all of these things will wrap up together and I’ll have a book. We’ll see.

I think that’s about it for now. By next week, I hope to have reached a decision about The Hallowed‘s release date and I’ll share a bit more about that. Until then!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Post (Attempt), The Hallowed, and Exploring New Genres

  1. nikolaithepanda

    I’m always so excited to read your new books! Can’t wait for its release

    Also, wish you luck on being more active on social media! You mentioned something about focusing on that, right? ᵔᴥᵔ

  2. Francesca

    Hi! I’ve read many of your books and I’ve found them awesome:); I can’t wait for this next novel of yours, I’m sure it will be fantastic (I love gothic stories) <333

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      Thank you! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my work! Gothic is one of my favorite genres to write, and I always get excited when I’m about to release a new book. 😉 Thank you for the support!

  3. nikolaithepanda

    A completely random question, but have you ever considered writing pure horror? I know the Hallowed is going to be Gothic – and you’re friggen good at Gothic! – but I was curious to know whether you’ve ever considered dabbling in something more carnal?

    Just out of curiosity XD

    Oh, and – since I’m a stalker – I just wanted to know where you’re usually most active/where you plan on being most active? I’m going offline from most of my social-media until January (I despise marketing), but I’d like to keep track of any new-news! :3

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      Good question. In fact, I had to think about it for a bit. Well, when I first began to write as a teen, horror fiction for young adults was pretty popular, so I did begin with that sort of thing. Vampires, slashers, but pretty tame stuff for sure. I know there are some books out there that claim to be hardcore horror, and I don’t really know what that is…and I’m not sure I want to know, honestly. I need to be sure there’s substance to a book. The Nutcracker Bleeds is probably closer to horror than some of my other works, and I do have a few short stories that are at least psychological horror. Then there’s the one I wrote for NaNo last year that I haven’t finished. It’s closer to horror as well (I’d call it horror) and set in modern day. I’ll get back to it at some point. Hmm, did I answer your question?

      I’ll likely be most active on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. Of course, I’ll try to keep up with the blog. Marketing is not the most fun…okay, it’s not at all fun, but that’s part of it I suppose. (Or so I hear.)

      1. nikolaithepanda

        Ah, it did 😀 Stuff like Goosebumps, I’m guessing? Or a bit more mature? (We both know I’m guilty of the ‘hardcore horror’, so the line barely registers to me most of the time!) I’d love to read your NaNo project when/if you decide to finish it!

        Agreed. Marketing is the bane of my (perhaps most everyone who is an author?) existence. When you try and do it, you either feel:

        1) Needy.
        2) Needy.
        3) As if you’re talking into space.

        Maybe we should just write werewolf-BDSM-TeenFic-erotica? I hear that’s majorly popular right now ;-; No, I’m not bitter.

      2. misslanilenore Post author

        More along the lines of Fear Street and Christopher Pike’s novels. I think one Fear Street series was what made me realize that I truly loved a historical setting instead of a modern one…but I don’t remember the name of it.

        I know that bitter feeling. That sort of thing was what gave me that final push to self-publish in the first place. So, those feelings have their place. We just have to have faith in our readers and realize that they are the best and most intelligent sort, who can see beyond the hype and find the good stuff. 🙂

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