Nevermor Cover Updates, Getting Ready to Write, and COFFEE!

While working on my new Nutcracker Bleeds cover with Omri Koresh (Who is amazing. Have I said how amazing he is?) he was so kind as to update my Nevermor covers as well! The art is still the same, but the backs of the printed books have a different layout and the spine is just a little more elaborate. Eeeeee! It’s funny how I can get excited over a little gold filigree, but playing dress-up with books is fun! These are my babies. They deserve the best.

Here’s a preview:












I haven’t updated them as of yet, but I will very soon. I’m not going to stir a lot of fanfare toward this update, but I thought I’d share it with you! I’ll update them all at once, so that if the set is ordered together, they will match. 🙂

It is my dream to one day have all of my covers updated to beautiful art, but that is a work in progress that will likely be ongoing for a while. Still! I feel lucky to have what I do. Nevermor looks beautiful and my artist is the best!

NaNo is fast approaching, and suddenly I feel like I have a lot of work to do in the next week that is not going to be done before NaNo starts. That’s alright, I guess. I’ll just do what I can until then, and then take on a bit more of it through November if I can find the time. I was hoping to just zone out and think about nothing but writing, but maybe I can still reach the word count while I’m busy with editing and other things.

So last week, I had this little hint of fear for just a second while I was thinking about the book I am planning to write in November. All of a sudden I was like “what if I can’t do it anymore?” I haven’t written anything completely new in a while (successfully) and while I think my eye for editing is keener than ever, I was a little fearful of producing an entire story. I thought, what if my life has changed so much and I can’t connect with the characters like I used to?

Before, when I would write, I had long stretches of time where I could sit and ponder and work without worrying about outside factors (such as being called in at work, or having weird shifts at work or…mostly work). But more than that, do I still have it in me?

It’s probably just my anxiety kicking in. I don’t feel it as strongly now, but for a moment, I was worried.

But that’s silly! Of course I can do it. And even if the first draft is crap, I can always fix it later! Gotta stay positive. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on this work. I mean for it to be a return to my best, and dammit! that has to happen.

Have I mentioned before that I really love coffee? Like, really. I’m not a tea person. I’m definitely a coffee person. The darker the roast, the better. But I don’t drink it black. I still need cream and sugar, but not so much that it doesn’t taste like coffee anymore. It’s a delicate balance. (You understand.) I’m also one of those people who hates it when the waitress comes by and tops off my coffee without asking. It disrupts the balance!!

Does it sound like I wrote this while I was hyped up on caffeine? Because I probably am.

Autumn is for coffee and writing and Autumn’s Grey Solace, which is one of my favorite bands to write to. They have a mellow, eerie sound that I love. It puts me at ease.

Give them a listen! I have to get more coffee now…

As far as what I’ve been doing this week, I’m reading The Hallowed one last time to make sure it’s perfect before the release date. I’m collecting images and gathering inspiration for my NaNo novel (which I may be willing to talk about just a little bit in the coming weeks) and then I’ll be shifting over to reread The Nutcracker Bleeds again before the release date. Also, I think I’m going to format a few of my other works for wide distribution (which I hate to do, because Kindle formatting is so simple!!) But anyway. There is a lot to do! I already feel the end of the year rushing up on me. That’s a weird feeling. I guess since I have to plan out my year in chunks because projects take so much time, this is what happens. I feel more organized now though, and I’m ready to tackle this!

Let’s go! Bring on the coffee!

Also, there is now a Goodreads Giveaway open for The Hallowed! Sign up!


2 thoughts on “Nevermor Cover Updates, Getting Ready to Write, and COFFEE!

  1. scarlettewolfgang

    Prettyyyy *_*

    Anxiety is always such a drag on writing. Just remember that as you grow as a person, so do your characters. I feel like the authors who have felt those emotions write better characters, because they’ve experienced it themselves and can write from that perspective. Don’t lose hope – you are very talented!


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