The Hallowed is here! So is Nanowrimo!


My original Gothic horror books! They look so pretty together. 🙂

My weekly blog post was delayed just a bit so that it could coincide with the release of The Hallowed. So here it is. I’m making it official!

The Hallowed is finally out in the world!

Current stats!

Those numbers are promising so far! I’d love to see it move up in rankings. I’ll bet it wouldn’t take much to get it to the top, so if you’re thinking of snagging a copy, now is the time! It’s still listed for the special preorder price of $3.99. As with all my new releases, the preorder and first day price is a little cheaper than the regular price of the book, so get it now at a special deal!

Hallowed front coverA beautiful woman. A handsome man. A secluded manor, and a family with wealth and intrigue. But it only sounds like a fairy tale…

Celia wakes up to a room she doesn’t remember, in a house she cannot recall. Suffering from amnesia, she doesn’t even recognize her own face.

Her circumstances only get stranger from there.

She meets the LaCroix family, who took her into their home after an accident that left her unconscious and confused, but there is something unsettling about them. Twin maids keep watch over the house with hard stares.

Then there is Adam.

Celia doesn’t remember him, but they share a common bond: they were in the same accident. Somehow, he doesn’t remember her either. They must rediscover each other to unlock the past, but the attraction between them is so strong that neither want to complain. They are invited to stay as long as they’d like while they recover their memories, but it doesn’t take long for Celia and Adam to decide that they don’t want to stay in the sprawling mountainside chateau.

All around them, doors are locked. Someone is always watching. Celia and Adam must rely on one another as they plan for a means of escape – and try to uncover the secret of why the family will not let them go.

In addition to this new release, I have a couple of other things going on. It’s November, so I’m working on my new book! I’ve fallen just a little behind in my word count, but I’m hoping to catch up today. I hope to keep up the blog posts this month, but I’m really busy trying to focus and keep my word count up.

Did you catch that? I’m writing a new book! I know! I can hardly believe it myself!

I can’t say when this book will be finished or when I’ll release it, but I’m happy to be working on something new again.

For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you may have seen my recent comments about editing The Nutcracker Bleeds. I’m finishing that up, and pretty soon I’ll be ready to show off the new cover. I can’t wait! The new edit is going well, and once I’m finished, I hope to update the Kindle version with the new one, so that any of you who have already purchased it in that form will be able to have the current version.

It’s going to be amazing!

Stay tuned!


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