The Nutcracker Bleeds is Available Now!

Whew! That was a rush! For the first time, I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to meet my deadline. I was doing another proofread even though I’d already made most of my corrections, and when I finally finished that, I had to update the file and reformat the print version. It was a bit close, but I did it! The Nutcracker Bleeds second edition is live!





I put in the request for the book to be updated for those who have already purchased the ebook, but I haven’t heard back from that yet. When it happens, it will have to be done manually, I think. So if you’ve purchased the book before, you can either go back in and re-download or re-sync your Kindle.

So! What’s different?

rat 1Obviously, the cover is different. The description is new, and now there are adorable little mice in the chapter headings! AND they are different for each chapter!

There is no new content, but I did some editing and cleaned up the text a bit. I think it reads better now. I added a few lines and took out lines as needed, but the story is the same.

line art 3For the last few books I’ve released this year, I’ve moved away from the numbered sections I once used in my chapters. That was a good way for me to keep up with it for a while, but I’ve decided it looks neater just to have dividers within the chapters to signify the breaks in scene and pov.

In the print version, the text is still a bit small, but I had to do that in order to keep the page count reasonable. The page count makes the price of the book go up, and I wanted to make sure to keep it in a good place.

Full justified text in the print version! This is something I didn’t realize I needed until all of a sudden I did.

During my first edit, I tried to rewrite some of the sections so they would be in my usual third person limited pov, but that was not how I originally wrote it. This time, I decided that it was breaking the flow in some of the sections, so I got rid of some of the dividers and decided to keep the text omnipresent. Some of the sections now move seamlessly from one pov to the next, and even though that’s not how I usually do things anymore, I think it works for this book.

Oh! It has a commentary now! Some of you may have read most of this before if you followed the book while it was online, but the commentary just gives a bit of info on some of the characters and some of my thought processes while I was writing the book, and how it all came together. I think it’s a fun part of the book. I haven’t successfully done a commentary for any of my others works — not quite like this one.

Is that all? That might be all, but I am so proud of it now!


Reviews and Ratings

I hate to ask, but I want you all to know how reviews and ratings help. You don’t have to say much, and sometimes you don’t have to say anything at all, but having those ratings out there for others to see is very helpful.

If you could take a moment to rate and review my books book whenever possible, that would be so helpful! Books with more reviews stand out, and anything you have to say will boost the book and make it more noticeable.

The Holidays

I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday with family and friends! (You know, if you want.) My mind kind of skipped Thanksgiving this year and went directly to Christmas after Halloween (Nutcracker helped) so now I’m definitely in the spirit! I’m ready to put my tree up finally, but I wanted to do it weeks ago. This weekend I had a nice family dinner with some close but out-of-town relatives that I don’t see often anymore, so I don’t want to take these chances for granted…no matter how much I think I just want to be at home. :p

You’ll hear from me again soon! Thanks for all your support this year!

And also, hey, The Hallowed is free right now. 😉


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