A Good Year – A Good Ending/Beginning

Looks like I’ve missed posting for a couple of weeks. I hope everyone had a great holiday season! It’s a new year!

Does it feel like a new year to you? Somehow, I don’t feel it. All of the holidays have blurred together and I don’t quite feel that refreshing feeling that is often felt when the year changes. It’s odd. It likely has to do with work and not getting much of a break for the holidays. Nevertheless, it is a new year, and with that must come new plans!


The books I’ve released this year! (forgive the shoddy picture)

Here we are now at another year’s end, and looking back,  I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished. I released several titles (I won’t say new titles) I’ve gained knowledge, I’ve gained more time to dedicate to my projects, and I feel that I’ve grown as a person and as an author.

I was able to team up with 2 different book boxes – one for Nevermor this last July, and one upcoming this year with Indie Book Connect (I’m not allowed to share details for that one yet). I joined a great Facebook writing group called 20BooksTo50k which has a ton of information about indie publishing and is a link to many successful indie authors. There is so much information there and I have barely begun to scratch the surface, but that info will certainly help me as I go into the new writing/publishing year.

If you missed any of my releases this year, you can get them HERE!

I don’t know what this year holds, but I do know that I want to write more. That’s something that has been missing in my life, even as I work on my marketing. I need to figure out how to make that a priority again. It is so so difficult to find that place where the only thing that matters is the idea. I’m still stuck in the “I must earn money; I must produce product” limbo, and that’s not a good place for the creative mind to be.

I must claw my way out of this place!

What have I been doing lately? I did begin double-checking Nevermor for editing issues and I’ve changed the design inside. That will be updated when I’m finished, and then I can move on to the next work. Mostly though, I admit, I’ve been playing videogames and merely dreaming about writing instead of doing it. However, as I’m going along through my new edits, I’m also going to branch out to wide distribution again for some of the works that are not currently listed, so that will be a big help to those of you who use other devices to read on.

Thank you all again for being interested in my work! I feel blessed to have a following at all. I know I say this a lot and yet not enough: Thank you all for supporting me!


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