The Captor’s Redemption – A Man and his Demons

Last week I announced my new book, The Captor’s Redemption, a 155,000 word original dark fantasy novel which will be released on August 8, 2018.

I mentioned that it was listed for preorder, but here are those links again, plus an extra:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo,  and iBooks (do a search).

But first, a general update.

Writing/Publishing Schedule

I finally did it! I made a plan for my future publishing endeavors based on a 3-6 month schedule. I worked out what I wanted to release and made a working schedule for what I want to be writing/editing at what times.

I worked through it all the way to the end of 2020! Then I just sat back and looked at it like ‘wow, I’m going to be so busy!’. And I’ll have to keep planning as time goes on, but I think I’m going to love it.

My lifetime aspiration is to write as many books as possible, so this ought to be a good way to do it.

I’m still editing at this point and finalizing the layout of The Captor’s Redemption, but I hope to have that done by the end of this month. But basically I need to stay busy or I’ll go crazy. So, there’s that!

Anyway, I see it as a challenge and I’m pretty excited.

I’m currently making great progress on a new book that I hope to release in January 2019, but I have another book planned in between, so I have to keep at it!

I’m going to need your support if I’m going to make this happen, so please stick with me and give me some feedback every once in a while. 🙂

Now back to Captor. So, what’s it about? It’s about a man and his demons – literally.

***WARNING! Some of you might consider this to contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to know anything at all, turn back now!!***


In a dark, monster infested world, Vincent has a unique ability. He can kill demons and make them a part of himself, harnessing their power. He is a Captor, his body itself a prison. Within him might lie the salvation of the world, but he has his own agenda: revenge for the death of his brother.


The book follows Vincent, our protagonist and anti-hero. Vincent is brooding, hostile, and haunted. In a world that values religion, he is fighting against it in his bold mission to kill a man he calls ‘the priest’, who killed his brother. He would claim that this is the only thing that his life is worth, but there is more to Vincent than that.

At a young age, Vincent discovered that he had a unique ability. Along with his brother, Trevan, he discovered that he had superhuman speed, strength, accelerated healing, and most interesting – an ability to capture a demon’s soul inside himself and use its form at will. The interesting thing about this is that these demons still have consciousness inside his mind. It’s not that he can become them, but he allows them to come forward and mutate his body. This is difficult and takes a toll on him physically and mentally. He has to keep control of the demons inside him, and at times, it’s a struggle.

Vincent knows that his abilities are beyond human, but he doesn’t know why he can do these things. Instead of seeking answers about himself, instead he lets his anger drive him along his way to what he believes is important.

This story follows Vincent, exploring his past and setbacks as he goes on to discover that there may be more to his own story than even he knows.

The World

The world has no name, but it is what’s left of Earth hundreds of years in the future. It is often referred to as ‘the world, as it is now’. The world is cold and dark. The sky (or ‘the gray sheet of the above’) looms over them. The sun cannot be seen. There is very little left.

The world is indeed round, but it is flat as well. The world is basically a landmass that hangs free in space – rather, it is a piece of the Earth that survived when the planet broke apart and sunk into hell. The world is round like a target, with the cities in the center like a bullseye. The further one goes from the center, the closer they get to the edge of the world where demons are able crawl onto the plane. Monsters spawn from hell-ash that blows in from the world’s edge. This world is a dangerous place. People in the cities live lives full of indulgence while the people in the wilderness fight for survival, dealing with the beast threat and their ritualistic binding of the demons.

Vincent walks his own path in this world, respecting no one, considering them to be misguided. Maybe he’s right. Or he could be terribly wrong.

The Demons

Demons are beings that want nothing more than to crawl out of hell and own the World. It is at least a little bit better than the world they come from. They want to kill the humans, but mostly they just want to survive any way they can. They are genderless and cannot be replicated like the monsters that spawn from the ash. When they come into the world, they must choose a form that can exist beyond the hell-realm, and they will often base their appearances on a creatures that already exist. Many of them resemble animals in some way.

One of my favorite things about the story is that the demons inside Vincent have their own desires and personalities. They don’t really have voices to communicate as much as Vincent can feel their intentions and translate their thoughts in a way that he can understand. The book follows Vincent, but the demons have a part in his revenge, and they make their own judgements about him and his feelings as the story goes on.


For those of you who love romance, never fear! Well, while this book may not be exactly romantic, there is a love connection. Of course I won’t spoil how things play out, but there is a romantic substory in this book, like so many of my others. So, if you like what I usually do in that regard, then I think you’ll be happy with this one too. But…

Not Young Adult

This is not a young adult book, and I wouldn’t consider it new adult either, even though the characters are not over 30. The themes and characters just don’t fall into these categories, in my opinion. So if you’re open to that and you enjoy a more serious and literary fantasy novel, this will be a great one for you. Unlike some others in the same category, the prose is not too purple, I swear.

I personally think that this book is one of my best examples of world and character building. I’ll be honest: some might find it a slower read, but this book was met with praise by those who have read it online. Many liked that it focused a lot more on just a few characters instead of many, and the story itself was well-received.

So! I hope you’re excited for this one, but if it’s not your cup of tea, I have more coming soon.

Just follow the blog to keep up!


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