I finally have a Mailing List! And more!

Over and over again I’ve seen it written: ‘if you want to be successful as an indie writer, you need a mailing list. It is your most important tool‘. Or something. Now, I finally have one.

You’ve probably already seen it pop up on the blog! (I hope you did, anyway. It was supposed to.) So this is me asking everyone to sign up for it.

I’m hoping this will solve the problem I’ve had of not being able to let all of my fans know when I release a new book. I try to get the word out — on the blog, on social media (did you know you could follow me on Amazon, and Facebook, and Goodreads?)– but then months later someone pops up to say that they didn’t know that I’d released another book. It makes me sad. 😦 But because of the way Facebook works and only shows posts to 10 people unless you boost, well, I’m not surprised.

Now that shouldn’t be a problem anymore — as long as I’m able to let everyone know about the mailing list…

So, if you missed the pop-up, here it is again:

blog header all books


I promise not to spam you. You already know how well I keep up with blog posts, so I don’t think that will be a problem. You’ll just get an email directly from me to you, letting you know about new releases and any other major happenings. But the blog will still be the blog and I don’t plan to ramble (on the newsletter). The blog will have info that is completely different (following the blog is completely different), and that’s that.

Speaking of the blog, I’ve been working on the blog! (ha) You may have noticed that it looks a little different. I’ve added a Books tab which has all my works, descriptions, and links to the different places where you can buy them. It’s not fancy, but it serves its purpose for now. I still don’t have it set up so that I am selling my books directly, but I really want to do that one day. If I can do that, it’ll mean A) better prices for the paperbacks, and B) still a greater percent of earnings for me. So, it’s win-win. Except that I have to actually stock the product… That’s the main reason why I haven’t done it. I may order books that I don’t sell, and that’s just not how I’m able to do things right now.

I’m setting up the blog to function more as a website instead, so it may change again.

I’d like to make the site more mobile-friendly (I know it doesn’t look great on mobile.) But that’s going to take a lot more effort on my part.

Anywho, please sign up for the newsletter so that I can tell you all about the cool stuff I have planned! (Publishing schedule until 2020, remember?)

I was looking around on Amazon the other day and I noticed that many mainstream books have preorders up for books that are nine months from being published! (Then again, books are babies to some.) On the same note, just the other day I saw the first teaser image for the next Wonder Woman movie, and then found out that it wasn’t being released until November 2019. That’s just too far into the future for me to concern myself with.

What’s your opinion? Does knowing about something for a year build your anticipation, or are you more likely to forget about it?

For me, when I hear about something that interests me, I want to buy it immediately. If I have to wait, then I get a little annoyed, but then I still do wait, but I don’t think about it as much. I may even change my mind!

I guess it’s important to let people know what’s going on, so I’ve decided to be a little more honest about what I’m working on even as I’m writing and editing, so you’ll know exactly what I’m doing. I’ve added a new page that lets you know what I’m preparing to publish and what I’m currently writing. Check out the new Current Project tab on the menu. That’s right, this will be your first glimpse at new works from me! Call it a teaser. For me, it’s just another thing that will keep me up to date and working.

As for The Captor’s Redemption, I’m still reading over it while I’m writing my new new work (which won’t be out for a while), but while I was reading through Captor, I realized I had forgotten to transfer an entire section of about 3 chapters, so the word count for that one is around 180k instead of 155k like I mentioned before. It’s a big one! I’m still trying to get it formatted but don’t worry. It will all be ready by August 8th.

Again, please do me the great favor of preordering the ebook. 🙂 HERE’S HOW

I’ll be back soon!


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