Upcoming Patreon

This is just a quick post, but I wanted to go ahead and let you know!

Among other things that I’ve been working toward, I’m going to be launching a Patreon page in the near future.

I’ve known about Patreon for a while, and even began setting up a page over a year ago, but never launched it. There were a few reasons for this. I felt bad about asking for money, and I wasn’t sure what I could even offer as rewards. I didn’t want to promise something that I couldn’t deliver on.

Now, I have more of a plan. I know what I’m striving for, I know how often I’ll be publishing, and I have more faith in what I’m able to do.

Now comes the real reason I’m doing this: ever since I decided to become a full-time writer (like, immediately afterward), a lot of things started breaking down…(more info on the page later) and I realized that I can’t just wait around for the lucky chance that I might write a bestseller and start getting paid for all my struggles.

And another reason. I want to make free content in addition to selling my books. I feel like I should be able to do that, but I just can’t give away my only marketable skill for free, you know? I know that many of you do understand that, and I thank all of you who turn down free content from me in favor of purchasing it. That means a lot.

So, I’m going to give Patreon a try. Even a little will help, because right now I have very little income.

Right now, the Patreon tiers look like this:


  • Access to Patreon-only posts
  • Access to any exclusive early chapters or short stories that I release here
  • Access to any exclusive audio or video that I post here


  • All Above, plus
  • You’ll get your name mentioned in a special ‘thank you’ section of any book that I release during the time that you are a patron (ebook AND printed)


  • All Above, plus
  • I will personally email (or make available through Patreon) an ebook of every title I release during the period in which you are a patron, in either kindle or ePUB format


  • All Above, plus
  • I will personally mail you a SIGNED printed copy of each title I publish (if or when it’s in print format), during the period in which you are a patron
  • And maybe a few extra items as well, such as bookmarks and postcards
  • It doesn’t matter where you live!


  • All Above, plus
  • In addition to each book I’ll send you, you will get a hand-written letter from me, thanking you for this generous support


This is what I have for now, but I’d like suggestions. Is there anything else you might like to see from me? Do you have any good ideas for rewards that you’d be interested in as a patron. Let me know!

This is just a preview for now, but I’ll keep you up to date about it. Again, don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list as well (that one is totally free!) I mean who knows when you might find out about a giveaway. 😉


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