Patreon is LIVE!

Hey everyone! Last week, I announced that I was opening a Patreon page. It’s now live and offers a few options for those who’d like to offer support to me and my work, including exclusive posts, story previews — and (of course) copies of all my new books when they are released, delivered straight from me to you! (Tier rewards vary)

Ever wanted your name in a book? Become a patron at the $3 tier and you’ll get just that!

Do you have trouble getting your hands on my printed books because of where you live? No problem! Sign up for the $15 tier and get each new book I publish, signed, and sent from me to you. I don’t care where you live! (as long as the postal service doesn’t)

Want a little something extra? In addition to all the rest, sign up for the $50 tier and you’ll get a mystery box with an item or two related to my work every time I publish a new work!

Again, I’m still working on a three-month publishing schedule, so that’s a brand new book every three months!

I’m not going into details about why I started up Patreon at this point, but I make mention of a few reasons on the page itself. Anyway! I want you to know that there’s no pressure. I don’t plan to spam this. I just thought that if anyone wanted to contribute, then they could do so. 🙂

I plan to update Patreon at least once a month with content such as a short story, serial story, or insider news about what I’m currently working on. This will include audio and videos as I’m able to make them. And I’ll be giving more insight into what I do on a daily basis as I prepare for my next publishing endeavors.

I hope you’ll be interested in this and help me out! Visit the page!

Patreon invite pic

Watch the video!

In other news, I’ve set up The Captor’s Redemption in all formats and I just need to have a look at the printed proof, and we’ll be set! I can finally take a breather from all that. But that means I have to jump directly into my next project. I have to keep ahead of the game, you know.

My WIP The Ballad of Skeleton Jane is coming along nicely, and I have so much more planned! I’ll be back soon with another update!


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