The Captor’s Redemption is here! Plus a new Preorder! It’s good to be on schedule!

Today is the day! The Captor’s Redemption has been released and is available in ebook and print formats on Amazon and other major retailers.

Just check the Books tab for purchase options.



It looks so good in print!


I always feel a sense of accomplishment when another of my books is in my hands and sitting on the shelf next to the others. I often wonder if I ever thought I’d see it happen, and yet here it is.

I remember that feeling of determination I felt the day that I decided I was going to take matters into my own hands and self-publish my books. If I hadn’t, likely none of my books would be in print. Maybe I would have completely stopped writing. Doubtful, but maybe.

More and more, I feel that there is such a thin line between balancing a dream and real life, and I’m grateful that I’m able to continue this for now.

While this might be a good opportunity to announce my next book which is already up for preorder, I’m going to wait just a bit and savor this moment in time to let Captor breathe just a little. But it’s there if you choose to seek it out. Just sayin’.

Last week I was going through a ton of papers that I had stored in the closet and also some that I had brought back from my parents’ house. I found so many story ideas and so many printed parts of old stories, plus hand-written notes and story parts.

Did you know that much of The Captor’s Redemption was written by hand? I used to work in a restaurant, and I would write while I was at work, writing sections on white paper sacks. It’s almost as impressive as the J.K. Rowling napkin story. And I still have a lot of those paper sacks. It’s so much easier to just jot down a note on my phone nowadays, but there was something special about writing long-hand. Of course, I had to type it later and that was extra work, but still.

(I’d show you some pictures of this, but my phone isn’t working. So…)

Before I was able to publish my books, all I ever had was a dream that I would see them bound. I would print them off and store them in binders so that I would have hard copies of my work, just in case. It was such an interesting thing to go through all those old papers and notebooks (which I still have a ton of) and see what is basically my life’s work. It was inspiring to see that and know that writing is truly all I’ve ever wanted to do.

If you’re the same way, look back at what you’ve accomplished and try to hold onto that dream. I know it’s difficult. I struggle with it often. But all we can do is try to keep going.

I’ve been thinking: it’s still really hot outside, but I feel that there is something familiar in the air. Something is changing. Could it be that fall is approaching?? Oh, I hope so. I’m ready. There are already a few leaves falling. I know I’m not imagining it! I’m hoping this will put me in the mood to write something gothic or at least something creepy. I think I need that in my life right now.

How is your writing going? Any progress?


3 thoughts on “The Captor’s Redemption is here! Plus a new Preorder! It’s good to be on schedule!

  1. Biblo Beggins'ya

    So as of last post, Ive been able to plot a bit more of my story, and even started a rough rough first draft of the first few chapters. This is the same story that I’ve been trying to write for sometime. My usual excuses are “I’m not that good of a writer,” or—”I just don’t have the time/I write too slow for how little time I have.” Over the last years I’ve really had to fight through that, because If I didn’t feel like my writing was “deep” or “compelling” enough, why bother? They were just hollow words. Then I would berate myself for not being able to produce content as fast as others, but recently another doubt has crept into my mind. I gave my rough rough draft of my first three chapters to my best friend to read, and the first thing out of their mouth was, “It’s good, but its been done before…” And ever since then I haven’t had the energy to continue it. Hearing those words really hit home for me. Any thoughts?

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      I’m glad you were able to make some progress! Great work!

      I’ve been there, and likely those same words have come out of my own mouth – about my own work and about another person’s work. In the past, I was only interested in being completely original. I wanted to do something that no one else had done, and I thought that what I was working on wouldn’t be good or accepted unless it was original.

      For instance, my current WIP is based on a world that I began to create years ago when I was foolish enough to think “I’ll bet no one has ever thought of writing a dark fantasy western before!” When I found out there was an entire genre for it, I gave up the idea. I’ve finally just now decided to revisit it. Why? Because that was a foolish thing to think, and that should not have been my mindset. Likely, my own story has nothing to do with any of those others, and I’m not wrong for wanting to pursue my own idea.

      It used to upset me when I would write something and then notice that another work had a premise that was similar to my own. I would worry that others would think my idea was unoriginal, even though it was completely unrelated to the other thing that I just happened to hear about afterward. It used to make me so angry when I would see another work succeed even though it was shallow and completely unoriginal.

      I don’t think that way anymore. Maybe it comes with age or it simply comes with the craft, but now I believe that a person should just write what’s in their head and in their heart. We have to write what makes us happy, and that’s all.

      Sometimes when I’m writing, the flow just seems to stop. All of a sudden, the work isn’t good anymore. It’s not what I wanted it to be or something is wrong. In that case, I usually decide that it’s time to take a break. Often, when I come back to it, I realize that it was fine all along, or else I have a new idea that fixes the problem. Sometimes you just need fresh eyes.

      As for the friend, I actually have something similar to share about that. I have a friend (who I met through my writing to begin with) who doesn’t support my decision to self-publish. She thinks I should continue to seek traditional publishing because I’ll never get anywhere this way. Maybe she’s right, but it’s not her choice. But because I know what her reactions are to news of new works or even sharing story ideas, I just don’t share the news with her anymore. We’re still friends, I just don’t talk to her about my plans or about my current projects in as much detail as I used to. I need to be excited for my own accomplishments and I don’t need her to bring me down.

      So, if you can forgive my rambling, I think you should keep going. Don’t even show it to anyone else. Just do it for yourself. Maybe you’ll decide never to show it to anyone, but working through it the hard way will prove something to yourself. I think it will give you a great sense of accomplishment, and that will boost your faith in what you can do for your next project.

      But go with your gut. If you still want to write it, do it. If you don’t think it’s time, then try something else.

  2. Nita Pan

    I forgot to preorder The Captor’s Redemption. (*Buries face in hands and groans.*) When I get my next paycheck, I have a plan to buy The Needle’s Eye and Captor. Honestly, I can’t wait!


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