Life-Changing Happenings, Keeping on Track

Life is a funny thing. You think it’s going one way and it winds up going in a completely different direction.

I was in the middle of writing my longest post ever: Why I decided to quit my job and become a full-time writer (and what that actually means). …I didn’t just mean that the title was long though. Unfortunately, I feel that the post may no longer be relevant. All of a sudden I’ve had to seek employment again, and it’s kind of unfortunate that I messed around and wound up actually getting the job…

Yay for me! And also bleh… I don’t really mean to complain. I got lucky, actually. I needed a job and I managed to get one. I just know that this is not where my heart is, and that makes me feel a bit bland.

So, I’m going back to work. I feel that this is good and bad, but I plan to soldier on for a while. This wasn’t in my plan. I was hoping to make it at least a year of writing full time before having to work a day job again, to give me the opportunity to get ahead with my writing and to build it up a bit more before doing anything drastic. But, the time is now.

Even so, I’m not going to let it get me down!

That said, I’ll likely have to revoke a few things that I had originally planned. I wanted to continue to publish on a three month schedule, but I doubt that will happen now. I may try it, but I don’t want to be so rushed that the quality of my work slips. So, 6 months may be more reasonable. If you follow the blog, you’ll know when I get behind. I’m not going to set up a book that I know I can’t finish in time.

It also means that now, just after I’ve said I would post on the blog twice a week, I’ll likely have to dial it back to once a week, or else just posting when I have something to announce – like I used to do.

Even though I’m going back to a day job, I still have the same goals in mind. I want to get rid of debt so I can make my ideal life a reality at some point in the future! I might be a full-time writer yet!

Okay, now onto the book stuff! As you know, I recently released The Captor’s Redemption and now I’m pressing forward with The Mark of Thorn Saga. I’m left to wonder if three months in between books is not enough time (not for me to complete books, but for my fans to catch up). Maybe I’m just not promoting enough, anyway, I feel as though The Captor’s Redemption has been glossed over a bit. I know my fairy tales are what people really get excited about though. Releasing Captor was more of a soul-quest for me, so I understand that it may not be as popular. It happens.

As for The Mark of Thorn, I’m busily reading through it, anxious to work on the new material for the series. I know it will take some time, but if I focus, I know I can get it done just like I originally envisioned. I have a lot of notes so I believe I can still drive it in the direction I want without losing anything I had originally planned.

I’ve always been proud of the ideas behind this series, so it will definitely be an epic experience.

I’ve decided I might do a few character profiles for The Mark of Thorn characters after all, though without revealing too much about them. It was always fun to let readers figure it out based on where the story was going. Of course, along with the major fairy tale stories being explored, there are several obscure ones incorporated as well, and I think it was fun to have people wondering which characters and events were associated with tales they may or may not have heard before.

That said, not every character is associated with a fairy tale. Some are just there for my own devices, whereas some characters serve more than one purpose. Interesting, right?

It’s going to be fun! The Book of Scars preorder is posted now on Amazon only. I did this because I went through the trouble to do full distribution for several of my books, but it never pays off like on Amazon. Also, like usual, I cannot do a preorder for the print copy, but it will be available on November 5th alongside the paperback (or you may be able to order it sooner. Keep your eyes open.)

I think that’s all I have to say for now. I may not be as active in the coming weeks because I’ll be working, and learning what I need to know to do this job, so I’ll be focused on other things.

As always, if there is anything you want to know or anything you’d like me to post about, just speak up!


3 thoughts on “Life-Changing Happenings, Keeping on Track

  1. Nita Pan

    I don’t think that there’s any need to feel weird about getting a day job, and even though you were a full-time writer for a bit and are going back to a day job doesn’t mean that you won’t be a full-time writer again. Life is strange.

    1. misslanilenore Post author

      Thanks, Nita Pan. I knew going in that it might not last, and I really didn’t know how long it would, but there was always the hope that I could make it work for a little while. It’s true that it doesn’t mean I have to stop writing, but it does mean that once again, my mind will be preoccupied. Like you said though, maybe I can get to that point again in the future. I’ll just have to do what I can and keep moving forward!


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