Coming to Conclusions; Healing

So in my last post, I was talking about how I was on a break from writing and how I wasn’t sure what the future holds for me. It has been two weeks since that post, and I’ve done a lot of thinking and soul-searching in that time.

I’m pleased to say I’m in a better place. I’ve made a few decisions and set some goals (both writing and non-writing goals) so I don’t feel as conflicted as I was.

The conclusions that I’ve reached are these:

1.) I still need to be practical in my life decisions and not disregard the security of my future.

2.) I still need writing in my life.

They have to go together. There is no other option.

So now I have to find that much-needed balance. I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s something that I constantly struggle with. The struggle continues but change has not happened, so the answer is that change must happen.

The change is downsizing my life and that has begun! It may take a while but I think I can eventually find myself in a place I want to be in. The most important thing is that I’ve decided to change, and of course, that I won’t stop writing.

I mentioned that something personal happened to me early this year and I’ve debated on whether I wanted to talk about it. Suffice it to say that it was an event that happens to a lot of women, but it was enough to put many things into perspective for me. I was very happy and then very sad… (you get it). But it made me realize that some things had to change and they had to change immediately.

Even so… I like to think in the VERY long-term, so I need to plan for a better future. I  don’t want to look back when I’m old and have accomplished nothing. I’m a problem-solver by nature and I can figure this out.

That’s it! Onward!

IMG_0246 (3)

This picture makes the cover look lighter and a bit blurry, but it’s actually not. The sunlight washed it out and I had to adjust it a little. It actually looks more like it appears in the digital image.

As you can see, one thing I managed to do was get Mark of Thorn: Book of Scars into print. I admit, it felt good to do that. I have reviewed a copy and once again it is great to have something I wrote bound and ready for my shelf alongside the others. I mentioned before that Createspace was joining with Amazon, but the print copy still looks just as good, and it’s slightly less of a hassle to set up, which is nice for us writers.

I’m also in the process of reading it again myself so that I can get back in the groove to work on Book of Beauty, the next in the series. I’m hoping to have it finished and ready to go by this November. I know that’s a pretty big gap, but as of right now, a year apart might be all I can do.

We’ll just have to see how life goes.

Hopefully things will continue to get better. I’m working on myself and trying to get back to a better place. Everyone hits rough times, but I need to press through. I’ll keep you updated on further progress.


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