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The Mark of Thorn: Book of Scars – 11/5/18

–The first book in The Mark of Thorn Saga–

In a dark world where the grimmest of fairy tales exist, three characters cross paths in a tavern, leading them on an adventure none of them expected. They live in a world where magic is rampant, and humanoid animals are a common sight.

In this world, several fairytales are happening at once, and they overlap each other in a mature, complex story of good and evil.


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The Captor’s Redemption

The world is infested with monsters – demons that spawned from the darkness at the world’s edge, from the Hell Realm that it fell into centuries ago. The people pray to the One God, Ariah, for a day when they won’t have to fear for their lives, and the clansmen of the wilderness fight until their last breaths to gain control of the monsters.

But there is hope.

There is one who might deliver the world – one who has power over demons and an ability to trap them inside himself, adding their power to his own. Though the deliverance of the world has been promised through diligent repentance, the condition of the land and its people only seem to be declining as the years pass. Yet the one man that might be humanity’s last hope doesn’t seem to care.

Vincent has his own agenda, and the thought of only one thing drives him: revenge.

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The Nevermor Trilogy

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Nevermor (Nevermor 1)

LONDON, 1873 – Wren and her two brothers are orphans. They wish to be adopted, but Wren won’t be separated from her family. No matter how hard she fights to keep them together, she fears she will lose them nonetheless.

 She wants more for both of them – for herself. She wants an escape.

 Prompted by a world she sees in a dream, Wren begins to tell her brothers stories of a place where they can be carefree forever – a place called Nevermor. It is an island at the edge of the universe, where all dreams go. There is a boy who guards it, and he is known only as the Rifter. Wren believes that this place truly exists and desires her own life there, where she can keep her family together without anyone tearing them apart.

Wren gets more than she bargained for when she is kidnapped by the arrogant and volatile Rifter and taken to Nevermor against her will. It is not completely unwelcome, however. The land is beautiful and there is freedom. The Rifter and his pack of wild boys accept her, and she feels that her brothers will be happy in this place too.

 Wren falls in love with Nevermor – and with the Rifter – and yet the more she learns of the conflict between the Rifter and a wicked man called the Scourge, the more she comes to realize that Nevermor is not a place for children.

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Nevermor2Ebook(1)Forsaken Dreamscape (Nevermor 2)

Four years have passed since Wren left Nevermor – since Rifter promised that he wouldn’t forget her. Now 19, Wren is shut away in an asylum, accused of madness and of murders she didn’t commit.

When Rifter finally comes for her, it is not a moment too soon, and in her absence, Nevermor has changed. Under a cloud of mysterious darkness, the land has died. At Rifter’s request, Wren sets out across the broken world to gather the wolf pack, now separated, so that they might take back the land that is rightfully theirs.

Out of love and trust, Wren agrees, but she finds out quickly that things are not all as they seem, and everyone has a different story to tell.

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ftfull(smaller)Forsaken Dreamscape: Deluxe Edition (Nevermor 2)

This Deluxe Edition of Forsaken Dreamscape includes the Nevermor version and the original Peter Pan version of the story that started it all!


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Nevermor3(smaller)Shadow Sun (Nevermor 3)

Time has passed since the Rifter went into the sun, and while Wren has missed him terribly, she does not doubt that he will come back. She has tried to shadow her grief as she travels across Nevermor with what is left of the Wolf Pack, attempting to heal the land and restore it to its former state. But that task is made more difficult by plummeting temperatures, and the fact that the sun seems to be slipping further away.

When a different sort of darkness comes over the land, Wren eventually discovers that not only may she be looking to preserve the world for Rifter’s return, but she may have to save it from him as well.

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  Dark Depths

dark-depths-cover2Dark Depths

Mermaids are soulless, flesh-eating monsters of the sea, wicked in all ways—but some are born with more humanity.

Nathaniel Thomas believes in monsters. He’s seen his share since joining the pirate crew of the Blood-Red Siren. Tales are rampant, especially of mermaids—the deep sea nymphs. With their hypnotic songs, they lure ships to crash and then feast on those aboard, stealing the seed from a man’s loins while drinking down his blood.

But Nathan has learned not to believe in things he hasn’t seen with his own eyes.

All of that seems foolish when he is rescued by a similar creature, and though he is wary of her, he soon finds that she is nothing like her kin. He calls her his Treasure, and she is beautiful beyond anything he’s ever seen. There is goodness in her. He knows they do not belong together, even if she does not. She will not leave him. Likewise, he cannot purge her from his thoughts. Nathan is introduced to truths he never would have believed, to a love he never thought possible, and to a war that he could not anticipate. There are secrets and horrors in the dark depths, and he is out to uncover them, even if the truth costs him his own humanity.

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daughters of the deep practice

Daughters of the Deep

With voices said to ensnare sailors and lead ships to their doom, mermaids have earned a reputation as monsters of the depths. All have heard stories, but few know the truth of the deep sea nymphs who hunt on the vast sea, preying on human flesh in order to meet their ends.

A once glorious underwater kingdom is in decay after the death of its king—an old god—and the only male among them. The daughters of the deep sea have turned to humans as a means to keep their race alive, and therein lies the taint. More and more have been born of improper breeding. Half human and half nymph, they appear far too human to be useful as anything but slaves.

In a time before she was called Treasure, she is nameless, Innominata. She is a mere prisoner in the kingdom until an unlikely friendship draws her to the world above—to learn the truths of her culture, to the knowledge of a lost power, and to a man who doesn’t know she exists.

DAUGHTERS OF THE DEEP is a companion piece to the novel DARK DEPTHS.


The Nutcracker Bleeds

London 1905—It begins when a toy-maker comes bearing a unique Christmas gift for his favorite niece, Olivia—a handsomely carved nutcracker doll.

Anne, Olivia’s young governess, believes that a girl of fourteen is much too old for toys. Olivia, however, refuses to grow up. She cares for the dolls as if they are dear friends. They speak to her. Anne merely humors the girl’s pleasures. She has never had much use for fantasy.

Yet not even Anne can deny the curse.

At the stroke of midnight, Anne is immersed in the horrific world of her unstable charge when a bite from a mouse makes her the size of a doll. She must brave a world of mangled and demented toys that have come to life. Each has his own agenda—the most unrelenting of which is the mysterious Nutcracker, who becomes Anne’s only sane ally.

There is war in the lower levels of the Ellington house between the rodents and the toys, yet Anne’s only concern is getting Olivia and herself back to their own world before they are stuck in this twisted reality forever, or worse: become subjected to the terrifying Rat King.

The Nutcracker Bleeds is a mature, unusual, and horrific retelling of the classic Nutcracker story.

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cinderellaRoses and Black Glass: a Dark Cinderella Tale

In early America, at a time when dealings with dead bodies is considered taboo, Cindy’s father is a mortician. She, for one, is fascinated by the controversial work, until her mother dies and her father marries Anna van Burren, who brings two new sisters into the family.

Cindy’s misery only grows from there.

Following her father’s untimely death, Cindy’s life spirals into darkness as she is forced to become a servant in her own home, to wait on her hated siblings and stepmother. She has become so sequestered that she can’t even let the one man she continues to think about know that she is alive.

She met him once in the mortuary years ago – a handsome, curious boy who had been a surprise to her – until she’d discovered who he was.

Now a man, Christian is a perfect specimen, and also the object of her step-sisters’ affections. According to a stipulation of his inheritance, he must marry before age twenty-one. That day is fast approaching. Any hope Cindy has of seeing him again – or of salvaging anything that should have been left of her life – seems lost.

Cindy’s world is filled with misfortune. She believes she must be cursed.

It takes the appearance of a strange woman who brings a wicked prophecy before Cindy can see how blessed she could become – and to see what sacrifices were made to give her hope once again.

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jack and jill new coverJack and Jill

Jack and Jill go up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack’s a preacher’s handsome son and Jill’s a drunkard’s daughter…
Jill is a melancholy girl, strange to most; cursed to others. Her home is an isolated village where old superstitions are the key to normality. She is shunned by the townspeople because she is different–because she was born with an unusual birthmark. No one will associate with Jill outside her family, and even they treat her as something that ought to be condemned.
And then there is Jack.
Jack is the blessed sort–the son of Minister Hilton. He accompanies Jill to the well every day to draw water for the sanctuary. They are not friends, yet he is the only one who has ever been kind to her.

There is something about Jack that Jill cannot seem to wrap her mind around. He is different from the rest of them but she can’t say how. She tries to keep herself from wondering about him, telling herself that his secrets can’t matter to her. They can never be close. But as time passes and the town grows more hostile toward her, any kind of friend– even an unacknowledged one–could prove valuable.

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needles-eye-cover-4-smallerThe Needle’s Eye

Once, there were three sons… When Elizabeth, Delia, and Emily were children, their grandfather told them a story about an island castle called the Needle’s Eye—home to a lord and his three sons—which could be seen from the coast of their small village. The castle has since been hidden by a mysterious and constant fog that looms over the water, but his story speaks of nine girls who rowed out to the castle on Needle’s Eye Island. None of them returned, and the lord’s family was never heard from again.
Years later, following their grandfather’s death, the last ties that bind the three sisters to the village—and each other—seem to be breaking. A careless mistake on the water leads their boat to be swallowed by the forbidden fog, and when they emerge from that cloud, the girls discover that the island castle they’d dreamed of is not a myth.

The mere innocence of a curious glimpse becomes a fight for survival when the girls are cursed by the lord’s ghostly sons. The sisters learn firsthand what happened to the nine girls who never returned home, and their choice quickly becomes apparent: they can play the games of the three soulless men, or they can give in to death, never to see one another again.

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Hallowed front coverThe Hallowed

A beautiful woman. A handsome man. A secluded manor, and a family with wealth and intrigue. But it only sounds like a fairy tale…

Celia wakes up to a room she doesn’t remember, in a house she cannot recall. Suffering from amnesia, she doesn’t even recognize her own face.

Her circumstances only get stranger from there.

She meets the LaCroix family, who took her into their home after an accident that left her unconscious and confused, but there is something unsettling about them. Irving, the head of the house, is more than hospitable. His wife, Anjessica, pale and pregnant, seems to grow sicker by the day. Baltus, an elderly gentleman, looks at Celia with an interest that disturbs her. The youngest member of the family, Maynard, stares at the floor and hardly says a word. Twin maids keep watch over the house with hard stares.

Then there is Adam.

Celia doesn’t remember him, but they share a common bond: they were in the same accident. Somehow, he doesn’t remember her either. They must rediscover each other to unlock the past, but the attraction between them is so strong that neither want to complain. They are invited to stay as long as they’d like while they recover their memories, but it doesn’t take long for Celia and Adam to decide that they don’t want to stay in the sprawling mountainside chateau.

All around them, doors are locked. Someone is always watching. Celia and Adam must rely on one another as they plan for a means of escape – and try to uncover the secret of why the family will not let them go.

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rickety house smaller

The People in the Rickety House

By age 17, Leah has lost everything.

Her mother left three years ago and has not been heard from since. She is at risk of losing her relationship with her younger sister Tabitha, who suffers from injuries that Leah blames herself for. Not only has she lost her family, but her home. After their father’s unexplained suicide, the girls are sent to live with their reclusive aunt, Claire, who seems to live as far from civilization as a person can get.

They are sent to the rickety house.

While dealing with the idea of her father’s death and her mother’s absence, tolerating her handicapped sister as well as her despondent aunt, Leah finds out that there may be more to the old house than she suspected. She begins to find letters and photographs that tell of the family who used to live in the house, and her interest is drawn in further when she finds she can communicate with the ghost of a teenage boy through a window in the attic. In order to distract herself from her own troubled life, she delves fully into his, trying to uncover the mystery of his death in the house – but it remains to be seen how that will affect her own sanity, or if she will lose what little of her own life she has left.

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