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Shadow Sun Book Trailer and Preorder Info

First I have to say: Happy Anniversary to Project Nevermor! I missed it (again) but it has been 3 years (wow) and that deserves some recognition.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the book trailer for Shadow Sun has been released! It’s simple, but it does the job. I’m pleased with it, and I think it sets the mood for the book very well. Feel free to share it if you’d like. That helps get the word around, you know. 🙂

Instead of simply promoting my book and leaving it at that, I thought I’d give a little info about how I made this trailer, for any who are interested in making trailers for their own books.

First, I’d just like to say that this trailer cost me absolutely nothing to produce. I used Windows Live Movie Maker, which is a program that was already on my computer. The images are my own, the music was free, I added my own voice, and I put it together myself. If you’ve also seen the trailer for Nevermor (I didn’t make one for Forsaken Dreamscape), you may not know this, but I probably spent about $100 on images to put the thing together. This time, I didn’t do that. I had my book cover, and I told myself I was going simple. That’s what I did.

I didn’t really have a plan when I started it.  I had already created a few images in a photo-editing program that I have, and so those images for the end of the trailer were already created. Of course I also had my book cover at the ready, which is all I really used to make this trailer. I like the way it looks like it’s animated, but actually it is only a few still images that I cropped from the book’s back cover image, and ran them together quickly with a slight animation effect. Ta-da! It’s snowing! Then it was just getting my vision together, finding the right music (which I had already downloaded a while ago, and was lucky enough to have on my PC already. Also, if you are using music, be sure to follow the rules of whoever created it. If they are giving it away for free use, they may ask you to mention them or link to their site.) I had to be sure that I placed all the proper information about the book in the trailer, so that it can stand on its own and let people know what it is, and then there it was! Finished!

I had to mess with it for a while to get it right, and it took me several hours, but I’m happy with the end result, so the time was worth it.

This video is linked in directly from my YouTube channel. Did you know I had one of those? Okay, so there isn’t too much there yet, but I’ll be adding a few video interviews and readings in the near future to give it a bit more life. Anyway, you can follow me there to see all the videos that I post. HERE

In addition, Shadow Sun is now available for preorder on Amazon! HERE Why is this a good thing? Because you can get the special preorder price, which is only available through this offer. Plus, all preorder sales are counted as first day sales, so it helps to push the book further up on the bestseller list. As for other online sellers, I haven’t arranged for that yet, but the print book and Kindle versions should be available on the day I announced: 11/3/15. It’s possible also that soon, the ebook will be available for preorder through B&N, Smashwords, and iTunes as well, but for now it can only be found on Amazon.

Once again, be sure to add the book to your reading list on GOODREADS: HERE

Lots of links to follow in this post…I have a lot more planned on the road to Shadow Sun’s release day. I’ve got more videos and ideas to share. Very soon, I’ll begin posting sample chapters of Shadow Sun on Wattpad, and I’ll begin posting those weekly until release day, so that should get you six chapters as a preview before release.

In the meantime, be sure to follow me on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Wattpad, Goodreads and this blog for more info on this and all my other projects.

Thanks again for your support, everyone!! I couldn’t do this without you!

The Nutcracker Bleeds release date set for December 3rd

Hello all! Back with the exciting news that my lovely, horrific and wild spin on a classic, The Nutcracker Bleeds, is going to be released on December 3rd!

Yes, I do mean this year. And yes, I do mean in 4 days!

Some of you have read it, some have not, but it is – I think – one of my most intricate stories. If the amazing and dark world of rodents and toys is not enough, the characters are some of the best I’ve created, each one having his/her place in the plot, their lives woven together so well that this novel was not a burden to write in any respect. This is one of the longest, but possibly the easiest books I have written, at 165K. One thing I love most about this story is how surprising it is, and since that is the case, I won’t spoil it for you by giving more details. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

** I’d just like to say officially that while some of my work might borderline on YA, this story is definitely for mature readers. There are many adult themes, not to even mention the violence and gore, but actually, much less bad language than Nevermor. **

Here’s the lowdown on the different formats that will be available: (And I’m afraid I can only speak for US)

EBOOK: Currently, the ebook version is available for preorder on Kindle and Smashwords, which will branch out to other channels (Barnes and Noble, Kobo, so on) by the release date (hopefully). The price of the ebook version is $5.99.

PAPERBACK: The CreateSpace paperback is still in the works. but I hope to have it ready to be ordered by December 3rd, and will probably be listed for $14.99. The paperback will be listed on Amazon and will be enrolled in Kindle Matchbook, which means that if you purchase this paperback version from Amazon, you can get the Kindle version as well for only $.99.

HARDBACK: With this release, I’ve done something a bit special, and I mentioned it earlier, but I’ll say it again: I’m releasing a hardback version of The Nutcracker Bleeds. This is my first time for this, so I’m pretty excited. It’s ready, and will be for sale on the release date. I hope to have a special deal for this version, and I’m going to show it off as soon as I get my own copy, but for now, I can only speak of it and let you know that it’s going to happen. Due to limitations in my production of the hardback version, this version will only be available to purchase through, and also as of right now, it is for US only sales. I’ll let you know the price soon. I made mention of ordering copies and selling them myself, but I think that will be too much of a hassle for me right now.

You can read a sample of the newly revised beginning on Smashwords, and should be able to view it on Amazon at least by the 3rd. I’ll also be listing the book on Goodreads, so please look for it there and add it to your lists!

I’ll get back here soon with more info on the print versions. And by soon, I certainly mean in less than 4 days. :p

Project Nevermor: Second Anniversary – What’s Next?

And so, I’ve now been here with the blog for 2 years as I work my way through this book project. Started in September 2012, and here we are in 2014. It’s exciting on some days, very heavy on others, but all in all, it’s been a lot of fun and completely worth it.

After a 2 month hiatus, I’m feeling zealous about writing again. Because of that, I’ve been doing some thinking about what remains for my books in the last portion of this year. I’ve made some decisions, and here’s what’s going down:

1. I’m taking a break from Shadow Sun. (don’t freak out)

2. I’m coming back to Wattpad! (sort of)

3. I’m going to start working toward finishing one of my older, unfinished works. (which one, I wonder…)

4. I’m going to publish a new book soon! (which is also one of my older books, actually) And then another one after that!

Here’s the full explanation: If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’ve been struggling a bit with writing Shadow Sun, and to say that also means I’ve been struggling with writing in general. Then, one day, I simply snapped out of it and I’m obsessed with writing right now! (Yay!) This is excellent, but it doesn’t fully solve my issues with Shadow Sun, so I’ve decided that what’s best is to take my mind off it for a bit and focus on something else. I need time to meditate on it – or maybe a break from meditating on it, not sure.

Lately I’ve been pushing myself to have a look at some of my older works – to edit them and get them ready for release. So far, that seems to be helping with my writer’s block, and within 2  weeks I’ve been jumping back and forth between several stories, making progress! So, at that, let me say that I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of the fan-favorite, Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill coverI promised this a while ago, but didn’t follow through, even though I did begin editing it several months ago. Since it is one of my older stories, of course I wasn’t very happy with it, and I was thinking I might rewrite it a little, but in the end, I wound up keeping it mostly the same. Mostly. There are a few differences, and I think I added at least one new scene, but I decided not to make it more than it is. As many of you know, this story is not very long, and so I’m not sure about it being in print right now, but it will be available as an ebook (at least through Kindle) on September 9th, 2014. (less than a week!)

If that’s not good enough news, I also have plans to release The Nutcracker Bleeds in November, but I haven’t set a date yet because I’m not done editing. As you know, it’s one of my personal favorites, and I want to do it right, but I do want it to be released before Christmas, and this one will very likely be in print as well at the same time.

Okay, so beyond all that good news, I mentioned two other things: that I’m coming back to Wattpad and that I’m going to be working on one of my older stories that I never finished. Those two things go together.

Let it be noted that I’m not putting my other stories back on Wattpad. Those will remain as previews, but I’m going to add one new story which I will post as I write. It will be free to read, like in the old days, and when it’s finished, I will have it printed and for sale. There are a few things I hope to accomplish by this, but I think it will be good and fun for all of us. I will give you more definite details soon, because I plan for this to be on the way shortly.

Which story might I be talking about, you ask? Those who already know of it will recognize the title, but for those who don’t, I think this image ought to give you a pretty good idea:

dark depths cover



Enough said.