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Project Nevermor 5 Year Anniversary!

It was five years ago that I first announced my plans for Nevermor, right here on this blog. I created the blog for just that purpose, but it has gone beyond the Nevermor trilogy, expanding to more of my works that I wrote in years past. After five years, I’m finally finishing off those works I’ve held in reserve, and I’m nearing the time when I will publish something truly new!


I currently have 12 published works and counting. Every time I look at the growing number, I can hardly believe it. I’ve achieved a dream of mine! My books are for sale and many are in print! It’s something that only a few years ago, I never dreamed would be possible without an agent, publisher, and a lot of luck, but here I am!

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, and the best is yet to come!

So what’s happening now?


Since the release of Dark Depths in June (and Daughters of the Deep in July), I’m busy planning my next release for later this year. I mentioned earlier that it would be The Hallowed, and I’m sticking to that, though I don’t have a date yet. I’m currently on the last bit of editing, and I’m hoping for a November release date.

I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo in November and I’m very excited about the book I’m going to write for that. I feel that I’m getting out from under the load of my past works, rediscovering myself, and I feel I’m getting back to the root of what makes my writing great. I hope to take you all on that journey with me!

Also, Jack and Jill has been given a little makeover — inside and out — and is finally available in paperback as well as on Kindle. I know I said August, but I meant September. :p


Not only that, but I’m working on myself as well. I’m trying to be healthier, happier, and put more time into my writing. Just a couple months ago, I decided that I wanted to work less at my “day job” and put more time into writing again. Working and having a career (other than being an author) is just not something I’m interested in, and I realized I would never be happy with anything else. I’m fortunate enough to be able to do this (for now) and I plan to put more time and effort into my marketing and promotion in the near future.

Things are good! I hope things are going just as well for you. 🙂


A Writer’s Struggle

I often read articles about writing as a business: how to get sales, how to market, is it worth it? Some of these articles say the same thing, and though I would hope against the truth, much of what I find is the same.

No. Published or otherwise, a writer may not be able to support herself just by writing books. If you’re making money as a writer, it’s not because you’re writing fiction. You’re writing non-fiction How To books and freelance articles for blogs, dealing with subjects that don’t matter to you at all.

I’ll be honest: Lately, I’ve been thinking about giving up. In fact, I’ve been at that place many times in my life. It’s always just a phase, but the truth remains: I’m not able to support myself as a writer, and I may never be.

Writing has been a struggle for a while now. I’d say it has been for the past 2 years since I started my current job. It’s not always a question of what I should write – I do have a few ideas put back – but it’s finding the time and focus when there is so much else going on. At some point you realize that you’re an adult with an adult life, and no matter how you slice it, a part of having an adult life is always going to be bills.

The honest truth is that what you do with your life all comes down to money – the stress of needing money from somewhere and not making enough to pay those dreaded bills. And this applies to doing anything you love. Sometimes you just can’t manage to get paid for it.

In the midst of these thoughts, I was out one night after work, thinking that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wondered if all my effort was worth it, and if I gave up writing, could I move forward? What else was out there? I looked at my phone and saw that someone had tagged me on Twitter. I checked it out and there was a link that led me to Instagram. There, I saw a picture of the books in my Nevermor trilogy. A book blogger was doing a post challenge, and when asked which author she would like to meet, she chose me.

I actually started tearing up. It just meant so much to me to see my books like that, in print and in someone’s possession. To have someone say that they love my work certainly makes me feel that I don’t regret what I’ve done and am doing.

It really does seem that every time I start feeling down, something like this comes along to lift me back up. What I am doing is not at all for naught, though it has been difficult to find time for it.

Things are harder now. My day job requires so much attention that I can’t even think about anything else, develop plots or ideas. I have approximately one serious writer friend, and now we have both become so wrapped up in having day jobs that we barely talk, let alone write together. Lately and for a while, the only thing my brain can think about is making money. How can I make money with my books, and do people really do that? From what I’ve read, even most published writers struggle.

The truth is, I don’t need too much to live right now. That may mean a downgrade from the life I’m currently living, but I believe I could do it. I think I could be perfectly happy without a job, but how to get there? What is enough for happiness?

I have 10 books for sale right now – 10 beautiful books – and a few more that I wrote in my twenties and haven’t released yet. I honestly want nothing more than to be able to support myself with writing.

The night after the Instagram pic, I dreamed an entire plot, and I was so excited about it! It felt so good to know that there was still something there, almost like a sign, that my own mind was telling me ‘we’ve still got it’.

I’ve started thinking: maybe writing can still be accomplished if I try to make time in my life for everything. A schedule. Everything has a time and place. Because of how inspiration strikes, this may not be completely possible, but there must be some way to organize this instead of me wasting so much time moping because I’m unhappy and worrying that the spark is gone. That happens when you overthink everything.

I’m happy to say that I’m writing again, and it feels good. Does it erase all the stresses that life in modern society brings? No. But maybe with more effort and learning, I can finally get to a place where everything balances out. I’m looking forward to finding that.

Forsaken Dreamscape – Official Description

To start us off on the road to Forsaken Dreamscape‘s publication, it seems only right that I talk a bit about the book, where the story is going at this point, and give a few hints, details, and descriptions.

If you want to be completely surprised, you don’t have to read this stuff.  Sometimes even the smallest details ruin things for some people, and you’ll enjoy it more if you’re surprised. However, for those who are already in the know about this book and are concerned about the changes from the old version, this is the place you want to be!  Take it as a warm-up exercise. Get used to the new names in this context and it’ll seem right to you when you read the entire thing.

And if you HAVEN’T READ NEVERMOR YET…. well, you should. :p


Description – Following the plot arc

“This is why you are here, I expect.  You would hope to save this forsaken dreamscape of ours.”

When Wren left Nevermor, she didn’t intend to stay away forever.  She’d wanted to make her home in the secret realm of freedom and dreams.  Rifter had promised not to forget her.

Four years have passed, and she has not seen him since that day.  He did not return for her as he promised, and life has not been kind to her otherwise.

Now 19, Wren is shut away in an asylum, accused of leading the young orphans of Miss Nora’s Home to their deaths – urging them off the roof with the promise that they could fly.  Nevermor seems far beyond her reach but she has never forgotten it, and in her absence, it has been forsaken.

Under a cloud of mysterious darkness, the land has died.  Even Rifter himself has been warped in a way that gives him a ghastly appearance – and he has aged, even against his promise never to do so.  Worst of all, the boys have all left him, each going his own way after horrible events took place. 

What happened in her absence?  Why has everything fallen apart?

At Rifter’s request, Wren sets out across the broken world to gather the wolf pack so that they might take back the land that is rightfully theirs.  They will no longer heed their leader for unknown reasons, but they will listen to her. 

Out of love and trust, Wren agrees, but she finds out quickly that things are not all as they seem, and everyone has a different story to tell.


Short Description:

Forsaken Dreamscape is the second book in Lani Lenore’s Nevermor trilogy, a dark fantasy based on the legend of Peter Pan.

Four years have passed since Wren left Nevermor – since Rifter promised that he wouldn’t forget her.  Now 19, Wren is shut away in an asylum, accused of madness and of murders she didn’t commit.  When Rifter finally comes for her, it is not a moment too soon, and in her absence, Nevermor has changed.  Under a cloud of mysterious darkness, the land has died.

At Rifter’s request, Wren sets out across the broken world to gather the wolf pack, now separated, so that they might take back the land that is rightfully theirs.  Out of love and trust, Wren agrees, but she finds out quickly that things are not all as they seem, and everyone has a different story to tell.


I’ll use both of these descriptions in different instances I’m sure, but they give a pretty clear idea of what the story is for this book. In it’s simplest form, Forsaken Dreamscape follows in the vein of the first book and is a dark fantasy (that’s fantasy with horror elements) action-adventure with heavy mystery elements and romantic themes as well – because what’s an epic tale without a little bit of everything?

Like the first book, it is written in third person, and while the readers may get to see into the heads of many different characters, the story is told mainly through what the main character, Wren, sees and discovers – which is also why this book takes place 4 years after the other, because Wren has not been back to Nevermor in that amount of time. (Hm, I wonder why…)

Because of the time lapse, things have changed.  If you’ve read Nevermor, you know where things left off. Kind of a cliffhanger, right?  Forsaken Dreamscape is going to show the effects of the events that took place in Nevermor, exploring the toll taken on the world and the people in it.

I’m aiming for a mid-February release date, but with recent updates to the Smashwords and Kindle services, it may come up for preorder before then (maybe before Christmas if I can swing it).

Any questions, comments, or cheering so far?  Come on, I know you can’t wait!

Project Nevermor 1 Year Anniversary!

It’s September, and that means it’s been a year since I started this blog and this project. (Has it really been that long??) This is a great milestone in the process of this series, and I thank all of you for sticking with me!

Since it is September, that means there are only 5 more months until the release of book 2 in the Nevermor trilogy: Forsaken Dreamscape! I know that seems like a long time, but it’ll be here in a flash, and hopefully I can provide enough information, previews, and hints to keep you satisfied until then.

So, this post pretty much kicks off the next five months! This year is flying by – for me anyway. The darkness is coming, and it’ll be here soon!

Most of you already know what Forsaken Dreamscape is about, and many of you have probably read the old version. Some of you haven’t, however, and this will be new to you in some respects. But either way, it’s going to be a great new experience for everyone!

I know it’s a bit early perhaps, but I’ve swapped the blog over to a Forsaken Dreamscape theme, even though I will continue to give news on the progress of the first book as well. Also, don’t forget about my official website, where you can purchase my books directly from me! lani-lenore.com

Additionally, some of you have probably noticed the little ‘Donate’ button on the side over there, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet. It’s basically for those who would like to donate to the book series, even though the Kickstarter campaign didn’t go through. It’s just a simple transaction directly through Paypal. If you just want to send a few dollars along to help me out, that would be much appreciated. I’m on the verge of bringing Nevermor into hardback and also entering it into several indie book contests, which will cost me.  I’m looking at several hundred dollars which has to come out of my own pocket!  Any help would be welcome and appreciated!!

Okay, enough about that. I’m going to start providing information about Forsaken Dreamscape (hopefully starting this week) but for now, I’d like to open the floor to any questions you might have about the new one: things that concern you and the like. Though, try not to ask about things that concern major spoilers. 🙂 I’m curious to know what you’re looking forward to and what your expectations are for this new version, and I’ll try to address what I can in a later post, or at least take them into account as I go along.

So, what have you been dying to know?